Acting Out - Brooklyn

Acting Out - Brooklyn

JHS Audition Prep Class: Acting & Cold Reading

9:30am - 12:00pm EDT
Sep 12, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020 (14 days)
Grades 5th  
Acting Out Brooklyn!
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A cold reading is when a script is given to an actor to look over just minutes before an audition. During this class, your child will learn how to identify the given circumstances: who, what, where, when, and why. They will also develop skills to help them make choices, listen to their partners, and create a character. A good dramatic cold reader is able to communicate and bring out the intent, mood, and characterization of a piece through articulation and body language. NOTE: All students who sign up for Cold Reading are required to sign up for private monologue lessons also. Please call the studio for details and availability.

Acting Out Brooklyn!
7426 15th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11228
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Sep 12, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020
• Registration ($30)

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