Alex Makes Art

Alex Makes Art

SAVI Grown-ups: Pop Art

7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT
Mar 25, 2021 (1 day)
Adults Only 
Photo for SAVI Grown-ups: Pop Art (Art) by Alex Makes Art
Photo for SAVI Grown-ups: Pop Art (Art) by Alex Makes Art
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The time has come! By popular demand, we are taking our SAVI Program to the next level and offering a monthly workshop for our beloved grown-ups! What is SAVI, you ask? SAVI stands for Social Art Virtual Immersion. SAVI is an Alex Makes Art program that dives into an art medium, creates a craft using your newly learned skills, invites the community to interact and engage, and has a handy materials box component alongside your virtual class. What's special about our grown-up edition is that we'll have all of the Alex Makes Art Crew on deck; Miss Alex, Gerald Lane, and Khai Tran. All professional full-time artists.

For this edition of SAVI Grown-ups, we'll be channeling our inner Lichtenstein and creating Mixed Media Pop Art pieces! You will receive a material kit before class begins. Please keep this closed until we all meet on camera for the event! This event has limit space and supplies so please, grab your spot before it's full.


Be sure to choose a space in the house that is mess-friendly. Ink can sometimes be unforgiving, and you'll want to be sure to proof your area ahead of time. Grab a snack and some water. Did you know that artists can get hangry in record time?

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Mar 25, 2021

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