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All Kids Spanish

Summer | Individual Spanish Program "DESCUBRE"


All Kids Spanish


Kindergarten - 5th grade


May 31, 2021 - Aug 14, 2021

Min. attendance: 2 days/week


8:00am - 6:30pm EDT


8:00am - 6:30pm EDT


8:00am - 6:30pm EDT


8:00am - 6:30pm EDT


8:00am - 6:30pm EDT


8:00am - 12:30pm EDT




150 students


Sibling Discount

Class Experience

"DESCUBRE" One-On-One online Spanish Program

Type of Program: Individual Online LIVE Program
Duration: 11 Weeks
Amount of Classes: 22 Classes
Class Duration: 30 minutes each
Dates: From May 31st to August 14th 2021
Days a week: Twice a week
Payment Plans: There are Payment Plans Available

Kids’ Age: Children from K to 5th grade

Why register your kids in this class?
Take advantage of the summertime!!! Your child can learn Spanish from the comfort of your home! No traffic! No driving! take advantage of the summertime when there is more time available :) Fun Spanish online program with a robust curriculum that meets the ACTFL standards.

Children will be practicing and learning Spanish as well as learning about the Hispanic culture.

If you have siblings, can they be in the same class?

This program can be either One-on-one or up to 2 children from the same household who are in the same Spanish level.

About our Program
• The curriculum covers beginners to advanced, so it doesn’t matter the level of your kid’s Spanish; we got you covered. "Descubre" curriculum has 6 different levels of instruction from which your kids can grow.
• The curriculum is an effective, fun, and highly interactive way to learn Spanish.
• Runs from May 31st to August 14th 2021.
• Students attend classes twice a week with a total of 11 weeks and 22 class sessions.
• Each class is 30 minutes long through an individualized approach where the teacher will adapt the lessons to your child's own pace, level and needs.

Program Options

• You can register at any time during the summer program, the system is set up to pro-rate the price. Since this is a one-on-one program, your child won't be behind. We start from lesson one, the day you decide to get started.

How classes are done?
We hold classes through the zoom app. Students connect with a live teacher in real-time.

Registration Process
• At the time of registration, you must choose 2 days of class.
• After you register, we will get in touch with you with the times that we have available on the days you chose. Times of class are agreed upon at your convenience and our availability. We make sure to offer a convenient option to fit your schedule.
• Timings: AM, PM, and Saturday classes are available.

Process after registration
Once you register, we will assess to place your child at the right level. Your child will be assigned to a teacher. Our native Spanish-speaking teachers have wide experience teaching Spanish as a second language and have been trained with the All Kids Spanish methodologies. All of them have degrees in the educational field and are certified to teach a second language.

What else you’ll get?
Unlimited access to online resources with a smart book with audio, conversations, activities & games, and many more highly interactive features in a user-friendly platform is provided for an additional fee.

We will learn and have so much fun in this online live and interactive Spanish immersion experience!
Los esperamos, vamos a aprender y a divertirnos mucho.


You can bundle up the “DESCUBRE” Program with:
"EXPLORANDO" (Ages 4-6) Group Club Summer Program, or
"WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER" (Ages 7-10) Group Club Summer Program.

These programs are group clubs with different themes every day and have the option to be Spanish Immersion (Spanish only) or Bilingual (English/Spanish) lessons.

Mix and match and make your bundle.

"Explorando" and "What is your Superpower" Club Summer Programs have the following daily topics:

-Mondays/ Art
-Tuesdays/ STEM
-Wednesdays / Virtual Traveling
-Thursdays / Cooking
-Fridays / Story Time

Enroll now and save your spot!
Vamos a aprender y a divertirnos mucho :)


Classes happen on US Standard Eastern Time. (Miami time)
We have payment plans available.
Online Summer Program runs from May 31st to August 14th.
For your convenience, up to 2 students from the same household can take class at the same time for the same price as long as all the students are in the same level.
If you have students with different levels, separate class appointments must be scheduled and in this case siblings have a 10% discount.
The system is set up to charge for siblings as if they are in different levels; therefore, if you are registering students who are in the same level, contact us at to guide you through the steps to make sure you pay by the session not for each student.

How To Participate

You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions.