Art.Play.Learn Intermediate Japanese Part 2 (8-12) Virtual

Intermediate Japanese Part 2 (8-12) Virtual



Art.Play.Learn Intermediate Japanese Part 2 (8-12) Virtual

8 - 12 yrs

Adult participation optional

Wed, Jun 29, 2022 - Aug 17, 2022

1 class remaining

3:00pm - 3:55pm EDT




Meredith K.


9 students

Class Experience

Minimum Required Skills

* Read and write using Hiragana

* Have some experience with Katakana

* Be able to make, read and write in kanji numbers up to 9,999

* Understand how to use the counters for age, money, months, days of the month, and time

* Know how to ask basic information seeking questions and yes/no questions for like/dislike, wellness, dates, days of the week, times, and adverbs 

* Change verbs between the infinitive (~u form) and the neutral (~masu form) in the unfinished tense 

* Change verbs into the ~tai forms and ~mashyou form 

* Use describing words in the affirmative and negative 

* Use entry level kanji for natural objects (tree, moon, sun, mountain, etc)  

recommended age range: 8-12

Students will learn additional basic kanji, how to talk about human relationships, how to use describing words to describe people, new vocabulary for things and verbs.


If your student is slow at writing, it would be really helpful to teach them how to take and retrieve a screenshot in order to be able to take notes into a breakout room to do activities.

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Meredith K.