Art.Play.Learn Intermediate Japanese Part 3 (1 hour)

Intermediate Japanese Part 3 (1 hour)



Art.Play.Learn Intermediate Japanese Part 3 (1 hour)

12 - 18+ yrs


Tue, Jun 28, 2022 - Aug 16, 2022

1 class remaining

4:00pm - 4:55pm EDT




Meredith K.


9 students

Class Experience

This class is the next step for anyone who has taken Intermediate Japanese Part 2. We will continue to manipulate verbs between 'u', 'nai', 'masu/masen', 'tai' and 'te' forms while we build vocabulary and add sentence structures. I prefer not to set a specific curriculum that gets applied to all of my sections in any given class as it is important to be able to match the pace and the strengths of the students in each section. This section will likely include talking about activities, what people are doing, asking them to do something, invitations and more.

For students who have not taken my classes before, in order to be successful in this class, your student should have a working knowledge of hiragana, katakana and kanji for numbers, days of the week, dates, money, simple objects such as book, field, mountain, woman, person, man, child and family relationships. They should be able to ask and answer questions using 'desu', and 'masu' verb forms. They should be able to use numbers up to 9,999, describing words such as colors and sizes, and in-group/out-group family relationships.

Students will be expected to study the kanji characters between classes as the amount of kanji being used in class will grow from week to week.

I do my best to make classes fun, supportive and low pressure. The best way to be sure your students enjoy the class is to give them enough time to prepare whatever materials I leave in the classroom comments in between classes. I do not chastise and will do my best to help them with anything they are having trouble with but it will be more fun for them if they aren't struggling with the materials when we are trying to use them to have fun.


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