Backstory Theatre

Backstory Theatre

Mythical Creatures- PreK IN PERSON (BSTA Spring 2021 EE)


Backstory Theatre


3 - 5 yrs


Thu, Apr 8, 2021 - Apr 29, 2021


1:30pm - 2:30pm MDT


555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020


Felicia B.


7 students


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Class Experience

Preschoolers will love learning and playtime with our unique story format designed to get kids moving, sharing, and creating! Parent participation is not required, we ask all parents to hug and go outside the doors during COVID. Mrs. Felicia is a Preschool Director with a lot of experience in getting young ones engaged to sing, wiggle, show and tell, and help tell stories! Every week in this session will focus on new stories, songs, and games related to learning about what it takes to be a good friend, controlling our bodies, and sharing toys and ideas!
Minimum enrollment 4, maximum 7


COVID19 has presented our community with unexpected challenges and opportunities. BackStory Theatre is committed to rising to those challenges and creating space both online and in-studio for creativity, confidence-building, and joy! Protocols for in-studio teaching will include the following:
1) All students will be asked to wear a mask when indoors, where appropriate distancing is made possible by outdoor activities (in level Orange or lower), masks may be removed; 2) Parents will need to drop and go – we’ll meet students outside before class to take their temperature and ask about symptoms and recent exposure – parents may leave after receiving a “thumbs up” from the teacher; 3) Students may not attend class if they or anyone in their household has been experiencing symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours or directly exposed to someone with COVID19 within the past ten days without a negative COVID test at the end of ten days; 4) Social distancing guidelines will be indicated on the floors throughout the studio and should be observed; 5) All surfaces and studio spaces will be cleaned between classes and main studio has a hepa/UV-C/Ion filter running during class; 6) We ask students to plan restroom use to avoid unnecessary bathroom visits at the studio – they will be cleaned between each class; 7) No food in the studios, students may provide their own closed water bottle, no other beverages are allowed in the studio; 8) We may use limited costumes at the teacher’s discretion and may ask students to supply some items from home – no items will be shared and all costumes and props will be stored in individual boxes for use by their cast member.
Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines to keep our studio space safe. Attending in-person classes currently carries some risk; we commit to do our part to adhere to all state and local public health guidelines while maintaining an environment of exploration, fun, and creativity. We do also offer comparable, virtual performance based classes for those who do not wish to meet in person! Please check our listings at

Backstory Theatre Location

BackStory Theatre

555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020