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Backstory Theatre

Backstory Theatre 6th - 12th Grade - Make Believe & Beyond (BSTA Spring 2023)

6th - 12th Grade - Make Believe & Beyond (BSTA Spring 2023)


Backstory Theatre

Backstory Theatre 6th - 12th Grade - Make Believe & Beyond (BSTA Spring 2023)

6th - 12th grade


Mon, Wed

Jan 23, 2023 - Apr 12, 2023

20 classes remaining

6:45pm - 8:00pm MST


555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020


Kendle B.


12 students


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Class Experience

Playwriting & Scene Studies - In this class, students will get experience devising their own theatrical pieces and then the other actors in the class will help bring it to life. We might collaboratively write a longer piece or do a collection of short scenes, depending on the interests of the class. Theatrical skills we will work in this class include learning how to devise theatrical content, develop characters both on the page and as an actor, projection, stage directions, character movement, and the basic elements of improvisation.

Make Believe & Beyond is the reimagining of a story, or collection of stories, told on stage, often with the help of a narrator. Here at Backstory we use the Make Believe & Beyond model which embraces actor's unique storytelling abilities, building confidence and encouraging skill aquisition. 

Make Believe and Beyond looks a little different at different levels. 

k-2nd grade - This is our classic MBB. Students learn the aspects of what makes a story, then apply those literacy skills to creating their own story inspired by the given theme, folk or fairy tale. Then with the help of a narrator these students perform their 5-10 minute play on stage.

3-5th grade - This builds on our original MBB format, then deepening a student's story telling tool kit and developing their performing skills. These 10 - 20 minute plays may or may not have the assistance of a narrator. 

6-12th grade - This takes the MBB model to another level, utilizing divising, improv, and collaborative storytelling techniques tailored to the levels and interests of the performers enrolled in the class. Divised theater is community building in order to tell stories that matter to a group of performers and their surrounding community at large. The process typically starts with community building, team building, and trust building. Then the next step is content creation, utilizing improv, art, drawing, music, photography (anything really). This guides a script writing process that can include more improv and a rehearsal process that is also really fluid producing a theatrical work of any size or length that is fun, throught provoking, and meaningful. 

The most important thing to know, is all Make Believe & Beyond Classes are about telling your story through your performance, through your contributions, and through any story old or new we choose to tell as a community. 

Backstory has a 2 track system for classes: 

1 - Make Believe and Beyond based classes for all ages and levels that utilizes collaborative storytelling and divised techniques - This includes bringing your artistic skills, building skills, writing skills, music skills (anything really) to the class! 

2 - Auditioned performances which utilize licensed scripts, such as Rainbow Fish or the Enchanted Bookshop. Students audition for all roles, performing 1 act plays or musicals from a variety of sources and utilize elements from the Make Believe and Beyond model to enhance and deepen their story telling and character creation for their polished final performances.


Class meets Mondays & Wednesdays 6:45 - 8:00pm @ BackStory Theatre (555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020 - we are the last unit in the last building on your left as you enter the parking lot.)

Students should wear clothes they can move freely in and closed-toed shoes
Flip-flops and other slip-on shoes present tripping hazards in class. If your class requires other clothing, please take note in the class description.

Please bring a WATER BOTTLE, and if applicable, bring a pencil, and highlighter to every class.
If your class is scripted, once scripts are distributed, they should also be brought to every class. Any materials you are provided, or are asked to bring, should be brought to every class.

Class details, such as performances or other information, will be sent by the directing team during the class week to the email used to register for class.


Students will be asked to provide their own solid black shoes or dance shoes as prescribed by your teacher (no sneakers, please) for performance night and any baselayer (leggings/shorts/shirt) to wear under their costume. Costumes & props provided by BackStory, unless otherwise stated by your teacher.
Please be mindful of prompt drop-off and pick-up times as late arrivals negatively impact the entire cast and late pick-ups may prevent instructors from meeting other evening performance and teaching obligations.
Please review our COVID policies for health and safety prior to class at

Sample Class Format

  • In the first few classes, we will explore scene selections from well known plays to get a sense of good playwriting and character development. Next, we will explore the issues that the class wants to write about, with a focus on content that is accessible and relevant to all students. After a few sessions of content development, we will work on staging the play or scenes using simple costume and set pieces.

Other Things To Know


Students need to memorize lines outside of class. Since they have written the lines themselves, this process will be fluid and it is OK if they do not memorize word for word.

Holiday Schedule
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Cancellation Policy

Fees will not be refunded with fewer than 48 hours notice of cancellation. Refunds are only available for requets made at least 48 hours in advance of a class start date: 6% cancellation fee applies or receive a 100% class credit.

What To Bring

  • Students should bring the printed script each week in a folder.
  • Water bottle
  • Pencil & Highlighter

Backstory Theatre Location

BackStory Theatre

555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020