Backstory Theatre

Backstory Theatre

Guys & Dolls Registration (cast only)


Backstory Theatre


4th - 12th grade


Thu, Aug 29, 2019 - Oct 3, 2019


6:00pm - 8:00pm MDT


555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020


Mary W., Felicia B., Preston A., Kelly B.


30 students


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Congratulations on joining the cast of our fall Broadway length musical, Guys & Dolls! The next thirteen weeks will be a wonderful whirlwind of rehearsals, learning, and fun! This registration activity is only available to students who've auditioned and been offered a role in the cast. If you are curious about future classes or auditioned productions, please email Total cost for participation is $275 with up to $50 in optional fees.

Registration Balance - $225
Audition Deposit - $50 (pre paid)
Libretto (opt) - $25
T-shirt (opt) - $15
Shout out (opt) - $10


Please check our cast website frequently for updates and resources! A general schedule is currently posted and a detailed call schedule will be posted by the second week of rehearsals. All actors are called in the first few rehearsals and during tech week and most Saturday dates but we try to maximize weekly rehearsals and may only call your actor for some dates and/or part of the rehearsal time other dates. Understudies should plan to attend whenever their principal is called. Water, closed toed shoes, pencil, and libretto will be required for all rehearsals. No sugary or dyed beverages are allowed in our rehearsal spaces or around costumes. Please no messy snack foods or nuts (particularly peanuts) in the studio. Whether permitting, students will be asked to consume any snack foods they bring outside the rehearsal studio.

Libretto and cast shirt purchases are not required though the majority of actors do choose to purchase a cast shirt. Shirts will be ordered in the size marked on the audition form. Libretto (script) purchases are optional unless the book is lost or damaged beyond our ability to return to the rental company at which point you would be retroactively charged. If you think your student will want to highlight or may be tough on pages, please plan to purchase your book.

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BackStory Theatre

555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020