Bake Austin

Bake Austin

Tiny Valentines Building & Baking (Collaboration with Austin Tinkering School)

Sun, Sat,
1:00pm - 3:30pm CST
Feb 13, 2021 - Feb 14, 2021 (2 days)
Ages 8 - 15 yrs 
Bake Austin Virtual Kitchen
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Yet another mash up of tiny baking and building, this time for VALENTINE'S DAY!! Kami from Austin TInkering School and Pascal from Kids Culinary School by Bake Austin will collaborate again to guide kids in building and baking for a tiny VALENTINE'S PARTY!! Kids will build a tiny festive scene with Kami, all set up for a tiny adorable Valentine's party Then they'll bake all sorts of amazing little Valentine's treats with Chef Pascal! Since Valentine's might be a bit of a bummer this year, set your kid up for some tiny fun and a great way to celebrate 💝


In our virtual classes we encourage and empower kids to gain life skills through fun activities and recipes.
We encourage kids to ask questions when not clear and also to clean up after themselves. This is a win win situation. :)
For the collaboration classes we can not give a sibling discount. Thank you for understanding.

Bake Austin Virtual Kitchen
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Feb 13, 2021 - Feb 14, 2021

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