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Neuro 201: Is the Human Brain Plastic?

4:00pm - 5:30pm EDT
Mar 28, 2021 - May 2, 2021
Ages 11 - 14 yrs 
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Photo for Neuro 201: Is the Human Brain Plastic?   (Academic) by Bee Tutored
Photo for Neuro 201: Is the Human Brain Plastic?   (Academic) by Bee Tutored
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*This course is a collaboration between Teddy’s Tutoring and Bee Tutored.

Neuro 201 is an exploration of the complex networks within the human brain, networks that are constantly reshaping and rewiring to meet the demands of a developing brain in a dynamic environment. We call this phenomenon brain plasticity, or the brain’s capacity to be malleable and plastic-like to facilitate learning a new language, perfecting the crossover move at basketball practice, or acing the AP exam after months of rigorous studying! In this course, students will first develop an understanding of brain cell structure. Students will then learn about the billions of connections a brain cell forms with neighboring cells and how these connections form the massive brain network that is constantly reshaping to help us function, adapt, and learn! The course will then transition into the many facets of healthy brain function facilitated by brain plasticity, such as language development, learning, memory, aging, and recovery from brain injury. Neuro 201 will equip 7th and 8th grade students with the tools necessary to navigate the dynamic nature of the brain in its role as the control center for human growth and development. During this course, we hope to provoke students’ intrigue into their middle school science curriculums by building insight into the role brain plasticity plays in their personal development as students, athletes, and young adults.


Class Meeting Times:
Sunday, March 28, 4-5:30 pm
Sunday, April 4, 4-5:30 pm
Sunday, April 11, 4-5:30 pm
Sunday, April 18, 4-5:30 pm
Sunday, April 25​, 5-6:30 pm
Sunday, May 2, 5-6:30 pm

Emmy Sakakibara, M.S., Senior STEM Instructor at Teddy’s Tutoring LLC

Emmy is a Molecular Neuroscience Researcher at the Friedman Brain Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital investigating the role of rare genetic mutations in the brain and how these mutations disrupt nerve growth in the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. In collaboration with her research team, Emmy conducts genetic sequencing and cell imaging experiments for the development of novel Alzheimer’s Disease therapies. Outside of her time in the laboratory, Emmy enjoys teaching and serves as an instructor for MedDOCs, an afterschool program geared towards mentoring NYC high school students interested in pursuing careers in science and medicine. Emmy will be attending medical school in the U.S., where she seeks to develop her career as a clinician-scientist and educator. Emmy is a skilled STEM instructor with extensive teaching backgrounds in both the U.S. and Japan!

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Mar 28, 2021 - May 2, 2021