Bella Ballerina Kingstowne

Bella Ballerina Kingstowne

Bella Ballerinas - Ballet, Jazz & Tap

3:15pm - 4:15pm EST
Dec 2, 2020 - Mar 3, 2021
Ages 6 - 10 yrs 
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The biggest of our big kid classes! Our little ones are growing up and are blossoming into beautiful Bella Ballerinas! This class focuses on structure and prepares the dancers for transitioning into a “grown up” studio while still keeping it light and fun. Both beginners and experienced ballerinas are welcome to join! There’s so much to learn still and this is where the dancers will be challenged. We’ll make a switch from focusing on fantasy to exploring what “real ballerinas” do. All classes in this age category are a combination of ballet, jazz & tap to develop a well-rounded dance background! Dress code includes ballet slippers and tap shoes as well as leotard and tights, and boys wear soft pants and tshirts as well as ballet slippers and tap shoes. Tutus, skirts and other accessories are optional but always fun! There are no dress code color restrictions – we have all of the brightest and most fun attire available in our boutiques for all of your needs!

6450 Landsdowne Centre Alexandria, VA 22315
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