As we settle into the new routine, it’s certainly been an adjustment period for the parents at Sawyer. Balancing work and managing our children's new schedules is tough. If you are feeling similarly, we hear you...we are you...and we are here to help! 

Running a little low on creative energy? Our list of activities for kids of all ages should give you a boost! We’ve split up our recommendations into digital online learning and offline fun.

Activities for toddlers (18 months to 3 years old)

Online learning:

1. Puppetsburg
Join your favorite puppets with a new story each week! You'll love meeting our celebri-puppet guests and the entertaining shows will make parents and children laugh too!

2. Little Feet Wise Heart
Read books and integrate yoga poses, sing songs, play games, learn the magic of sound and quiet, develop the art of savasana and plant the seeds of mindfulness in little bodies and minds!  

3. Jumpin' Jams
Movement-based music classes that lead children through a musical train ride, get down and boogie, and check out different instruments while jamming along with fun, age appropriate music.

Offline activities:

Activity duration: 5 to 15 minutes

4. Cardboard tube ball drop
Tape a few cardboard tubes (like the ones from paper towel rolls) on a wall with the tube laying flat against the surface. Create a pattern by layering multiple different sized tubes next to each other and drop a ball through the tube. Encourage your little one to try themselves. 

5. Water balloons
For little ones, water balloons are great! They encourage dexterity and are just hard enough for little ones to grasp that they are challenged and engaged. 

6. Sink or float
Water is always a toddler’s best friend! Fill up a large bin of water and drop a bunch of things in the bucket that will float or sink. We’re trying water bottles (empty and full), small toys, measuring cups, and balloons. 

Activities for Pre-School (3 to 5 years old)

Online learning:

7. Treasure Trunk Theater
Go on an imagination adventure! Sing-a-long as you row your boat down the stream, twinkle like a little star, visit Old MacDonald's farm, and more!

8. Freshmade
Have fun, learn about healthy meals, and cook with Freshmade! Each day we will highlight new recipes, new teachers and open the door for Q&A to help you navigate your fridge, pantry, cook with your kids and make beautiful memories together.

9. Buddha Belly Yoga
Channel your kids' innate desire for movement and play. Explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while also being creative and having fun!

Offline activities:

Activity duration: 10 to 30 minutes

10. Imagination city
Take a large box and flatten it out. With the box flat, draw a road down the middle with a market. Talk through with your little ones what other things you need in your town. Throughout the week, think of ways to add to your town--whether it’s adding in cars, homes, a school, or rocket ship. The sky's the limit! 

11. Toy washing bin
Get a large bin (or fill up the tub) and add a bit of tear-free soap. Drop all of their plastic and washable toys in there and encourage them to wash them. The kids will love the bubbles, and it’s a great way to keep their toys clean and free of germs. 

12. Unfreeze the dinosaurs (or any toy)
Freeze some small plastic toys in ice. Have your little one pour warm water over the ice and free their favorite toy.

Activities for school-aged (5 to 10 years old)

Online learning:

13. Brooklyn Game Lab
Go beyond the game box and analyze, discuss, and experiment with their own variants of games in small groups! 

14. Connected Chef
Cook together and make a very simple recipe that requires minimal ingredients! 

15. The Arterie
Express yourself through art! Join students in class and create together using mixed mediums and age appropriate prompts.

Offline activities:

Activity duration: 15 - 45 minutes

16. Alphabet scavenger hunt
Find things around the house that begin with different letters of the alphabet! Whether you tackle a few letters (like their name) or the entire set of 26, encourage your child to think outside of the box!

17. Paper airplanes
Custom design a paper airplane and look up different models online! Run tests to see what features cause a plan to fly longer or higher (and which features make them nosedive). Race two plans to see which ones will fly the furthest! 

18. Marshmallow toothpick bridge
You can either use Marshmallows and toothpicks or playdough and straws -- whatever you have lying around the house! Encourage your child to build as high as they can or connect two objects that are far apart (two chairs, build a bridge between two books, etc.). Encourage them to think about what matters structurally and how to support parts of the bridge that are sagging!

Activities for the entire family

Looking for ways to all play together? Here's how we’re having fun… 

19. Make a card or a sign
Whether it’s for your neighbor or a friend that they’re missing from school, make a sign or a card for them! 

20. Simon Says
Though simple, it’s effective to get the entire family involved! Take turns being Simon and giving the group directions. Whether Simon is telling you to move in slow motion, jump in a circle, or roar like a lion — get as silly as possible! 

21. Camp In
Set up your entire camp environment, but in your living room! Think about what you’d do at camp, set up your camp and shelter, take out the flashlights, and eat some s’mores! If you want to go the extra mile, think about where your camp is and create some decorations for it!

You’re all set!
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