Boolean Girl

Boolean Girl

Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 1
Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 2
Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 3

Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022


Boolean Girl

Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 1
Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 2
Boolean Girl Boolean Girl Clubhouse Fall 2022 3

3rd - 9th grade

Adult participation optional

Sat, Oct 8, 2022 - Nov 5, 2022

4 classes

9:00am - 12:00pm EDT


1000 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22201


20 students


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Class Experience

Please join Arlington-based nonprofit Boolean Girl at our clubhouse!   Hosted in partnership with Marymount University, girls and non-binary  individuals will learn to code and build electronics in a fun,  collaborative setting.  Our clubhouse meets for three hours on Saturdaysfrom 9AM -12PM.

This fall, Boolean Girl’s Saturday morning STEM clubhouse will combine coding with creativity and engineering. We will be using Microsoft’s block programming language, MakeCode, and the Micro:bit, a mini-computer that comes complete with inputs, outputs, sensors, and radio communication features.  Each clubhouse is designed to introduce the Micro:bit to our newcomers and challenge those with prior Micro:bit experience. At each Clubhouse, we will build a standalone project based on a particular theme: music, carnival ride, gears at Phoenix bikes, and mechanical gadgets. Girls can sign up for one session or all four. 

Children will get hands-on time to develop their own  creative projects and receive a lesson in "digital wellness" to promote  responsible choices on computing devices. 

All  experience levels are welcome. Participants will be broken into groups  based on experience and age.  The best part of all?  Our programs are  fun... and that's not just our opinion.  96% of our students say that  they would recommend our coding classes to a friend and want to take  another one.  So what are you waiting for?

All computer equipment  is supplied by Boolean Girl.  Children don't need to bring anything,  except their creativity!  This is a drop-off event (parents are not  expected to stay for the duration, but are welcome at any time, of course).

Cost is $25 per session or $75 for a block of four (scholarships  available for families in need). You don't need to commit to attending  every Saturday.  Students may start, pause and restart their  participation at any time.


Week 1 Music
This clubhouse is designed to introduce Boolean Girls to the Micro:bit and express their creativity through sound. Driven by their own ideas and passions participants will create instruments of their own design that make music or at least noise!

Week 2 Build a Carnival Ride
For this clubhouse, Boolean Girls will explore mechanical systems that include programming and motors. Using legos, motors, and Micro:bits we will create carnival rides that move, spin, and roll.

Week 3 Gears at Phoenix Bikes
This week we are teaming up with Phoenix Bikes to continue our exploration of mechanical systems. We will meet at Phoenix Bikes and learn about bike mechanics, specifically gears. This clubhouse will also include a tour of the bike shop and an opportunity to learn more about Phoenix Bike’s programs.

Week 4 Mechanical Gadgets
For our final fall Clubhouse, we will challenge each Boolean Girl to work with a team (or on her own) to code and build a mechanical gadget. This could be something that makes music, drives a car, or blows bubbles, it is up to the creativity of each participant! Even if this is the first clubhouse you attend this fall, come and join a team as they invent something new.

Class Requirements

3rd - 9th Grade

What you'll learn

  • Problem Solving
  • Coding
  • Scratch or Python
  • Circuit building - electronics

Other Things To Know

Adult Participation

This is a drop off event but parents are welcome to stay as long as they follow COVID guidelines

What To Bring

  • Your imagination
  • A snack if you have diatary restrictions

Boolean Girl Location

Marymount University - 1000 N Glebe

1000 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22201