Boolean Girl

Boolean Girl

Starting at $120

Girl Scout - Coding for Good Badges

As proud partners of the Nation's Capital Council Boolean Girl is thrilled that since the Fall of 2019 we have been able to participate in your troop meetings or other meetings and help your Girl Scouts earn their Coding for Good badges

What will we do?
We come to you. Our mission is to engage girls in STEM specifically the Technology and Engineering aspects of STEM so we want to make it as easy as possible.

At the meeting, we will complete hands-on coding projects that satisfy the requirements for each age/rank of the Badge. While you can earn these badges with offline activities, with our help the girls get to put their hands on keyboards and learn to code.

See the webpage for details:

  • Headcount:5+ (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hrs (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Offsite Location

Limited to Brownies and above.
Price is $35 per scout. With a min group size of 5.

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