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We get it — sometimes in-person camps aren’t available in your area, or you need an activity on the fly. If you’re looking to foster your child’s creativity, independence, and skills, explore online and virtual summer camps in 2021 (all from the comfort of home)! Whether you’re searching for drop-in classes, day camps or week-long camps, discover hundreds of activities for toddlers, teens, and all ages in between.

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Online STEM Summer Camps

From gaming on Roblox and playing virtual chess, to Python coding classes and programming Robots, STEM camp is virtual this summer!

Virtual Movement Summer Camps

Who says you need to get moving outside? From indoor dance parties to mindful yoga sessions, getting exercise and learning from top educators is just a few clicks away during virtual summer camp.

Online Art Summer Camps

Calling all future Picassos! It’s time to develop your art skills this summer! Explore virtual drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, and even jewelry making classes for kids from the best educators around.

Virtual Performance Arts Summer Camps

The big stage is calling! From theater and drama to dance and acting camps — it’s time to get performing. Maybe you’ll develop your musical talents in a piano and guitar camp, or practice hip hop dancing and ballet?

Online Academic Summer Camps

From language immersion classes like Spanish and French to reading adventures during virtual storytime, explore online academic classes with top rated educators.

Benefits of Virtual Summer Camp for Toddlers

From dance breaks in the kitchen, to storytimes before nap time, virtual summer camp is a great way to add structure to your toddler’s day at home. Discover activities with expert educators that will help your child hit their milestones, and make summer one to remember. Drop-in classes are great for this age group, but may require adult supervision!

Benefits of Virtual Summer Camp for Grade-Schoolers

With virtual camp the opportunity to learn new skills and hobbies is endless. Grade schoolers are developing new interests and are officially “big kids”! With the click of just a few buttons, your curious child can be connected to hundreds of educators teaching classes like robot building, creative writing, and so much more. Discover drop in programming, or even week long virtual camps!

Benefits of Virtual Summer Camp for Pre-Teens and Teens

Whether they’re seeking new hobbies, or prepping for their next year of school, virtual camp for pre-teens and teenagers allows summer to be filled with learning. If in-person camp isn’t right for your child this year, explore hundreds of enriching classes from world-class educators, all from the comfort of home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children sign onto classes and workshops online with expert instructors and counselors on topics that interest them, often with other children who share similar interests!

In these small-group learning experiences, children make new friends, learn new skills, stay occupied ( parents a break!). Additionally, virtual camps are usually less expensive than in-person camps.

From art and music to academic enrichment and sports, there are no shortage of activities for your children to discover during virtual summer camp. The biggest question is...what will they try first?

Depending on the length and type of summer camp you select, camps can range from free activities to several hundred dollars. It’s common for day camps to start at around $29.

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