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Private Lessons

1 Kiddo- $60
2 Kiddos - $90
3 Kiddos - $120

1.5 HOUR:
1 Kiddo- $90
2 Kiddos - $120
3 Kiddos - $150

Teaching your child to ride a bike is one thing, but having them love it is another. Thankfully, Buddy Pegs is here to help you with both! Our early childhood cycling coaches and mountain bike coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it.
Thanks to the introduction of balance bikes, and high-quality pedal bikes, there has never been a better time to teach kids how to ride. And now that journey begins as early as two years old! You remember how important your bike was for you as a kid. Now it's time to introduce your child to a love of bicycling, the right way!
LEARN TO PEDAL -These lessons take place in a parking lot environment. We will provide activities, ramps, games, etc that will keep your child engaged and excited to want to ride more:)
INTRO TO MOUNTAIN BIKING -We will start to introduce 2 paw riders to the skills and activities that will start your child's journey onto dirt! This will start with parking lot skills and then graduate to some easy singletrack riding.
*2 Paw Level - Pedaling (without training wheels) on pavement and/or some flat, wide dirt trails.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS -We will work with 3 and 4 paw riders to enhance mountain biking skills such and climbing, descending, berms, braking, trail etiquette and more!

*3 Paw Level- Able to climb and descend paved pathways. Comfortable modulating speeds on downhills.
*4 Paw Level - Confident on dirt singletrack/Berms/Rollers,etc. Gears & Handbrakes mandatory.

Please bring your child's bike in good working order. If you are unsure of the condition please bring to one of the local bike shops for a safety check.
WE DO NOT ALLOW TRAINING WHEELS. If your child's bike is not a balance bike we will remove pedals to focus on balancing before pedaling. This can cause a little nervousness but don't worry... we have our ways of making it a painless transition!
Be sure your child can comfortably touch the ground on their current bicycle when the training wheels are off. Contact us if you have questions or need to rent one of our bikes. Email
Other Stuff:
water bottle/ hydration pack
Favorite healthy snack/bars.
Helmet: You child will need their own Helmet.
FOR MTB CLASSES - A backpack will be needed to carry 'stuff':)

  • Headcount:1 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:1.5 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Offsite Location

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