Children's Art Classes Brownsburg, LLC

Children's Art Classes Brownsburg, LLC

Art 1 Interim (Prep for Art 1 Course) Ages 9-18


Children's Art Classes Brownsburg, LLC


9 - 18+ yrs


Thu, Feb 3, 2022 - May 26, 2022

16 classes

4:30pm - 5:45pm EST


578 W. Northfield Dr. Suite 1070, Brownsburg, IN 46112, USA


12 students

Class Experience

Art 1 Interim is a shorter sampling of the full 9-month Art 1 Course.  Art 1 is a prerequisit foundational course for a four-year curriculum.   

Description of Complete Art 1 Course: 

This class has been developed over many years. The purpose of this class is to maximize and maintain the child's Art interest, as he is challenged to develop a higher level of skills and knowledge. This class has been designed as the foundation class of an overall four-year curriculum. The Art 1 student will complete one semester of monochromatic work, as he utilizes and increases his understanding of line, value, and texture. Projects will include ebony pencil from photo montage, charcoal still life, India ink design, and scratch board art. This semester will enable each student to begin his portfolio, and will become a foundation upon which to build. Several weeks into the second semester, students will study color theory in depth, and will utilize this knowledge in order to achieve success in the color design projects that will ensue. Some work in hand building with clay will be included in this year's class.

Class Requirements

  • Students should be developmentally capable of working independently and behaving appropriately in a class setting.  If your child has a special circumstance, please communicate with us prior to registration. 

What you'll learn

  •  Get Ready To Learn Some Great Art Techique In Art 1  Interim! 
  •  Goals: Monochromatic work, utilizing and increasing  understanding of line, value, and texture. 
  • Projects: Ebony pencil from photo montage with grid; Still life;  White Clay Cylinder Pots;  Charcoal Figure Drawings. 

Other Things To Know

Holiday Schedule
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Cancellation Policy

Classes are non-refundable.  If sick or on school break, please schedule to come to another class that week or month and limit rescheduling to 3 times a semester.   If child is sick, please do not attend.   

What To Bring

  • Be prepared to get messy.  CAC provides shirts to wear over clothes as well as art supplies.  
  • Health Precautions: Clean facility; Air Purifiers; Student Spacing; Masks encouraged.  Please do not come to class ill, see cancelation policy.  Thank you.  

Children's Art Classes Brownsburg, LLC Location

Children's Art Classes, Brownsburg

578 W. Northfield Dr. Suite 1070, Brownsburg, IN 46112, USA