Cirque De Vol

Cirque De Vol

Starting at $300


Cirque de Vol parties are 90 minutes, this includes one hour of instruction followed by thirty minutes for refreshments, socializing, gifts, etc.

We have the options below:


Looking to have fun AND break a sweat? Hooping is an amazing workout! We’ll be working our core while reliving our childhood playground days! Hooping is a low impact way to build cardiovascular endurance while strengthening your core muscles. Hoops (and giggles) will be provided!

Aerial Yoga:

Students will enjoy deepening into yoga poses with the supportive assistance of an aerial yoga hammock. Accessible for all levels and beginners very welcome.

Aerial Hoop (Lyra):

This class will teach you how to activate your core and build strength while learning beautiful poses and spins on a steel hoop shaped apparatus suspended from the ceiling. Students will learn a mix of spins and poses both under and inside the hoop. The components of this class focus on strength training in the upper body and abs, flexibility and coordination.

Aerial Silks:

This class covers all your aerial silk basics. Students will learn things such as foot locks, climbs, inversions and wrist locks. Class includes basic warm-up, conditioning and beginner moves, vocabulary and technique.


This class will cover the basics of hanging, dangling, spinning and floating on a single-point, low-flying trapeze. Build strength while having fun, release tension and find length and space in the spine, shoulders and neck.

  • Headcount:8-16 Depending on Activity (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:90 mins (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Cirque De Vol, 300 W Hargett St, # 40, Raleigh, NC 27601
Add Ons
  • Additional Participant +$15
  • Extra Studio Time (60 minutes) +$75
  • Extra Studio Time (30 minutes) +$45
  • Facepainter for 1 hour +$150
  • Extra Instructor + Studio Time (30 minutes) +$100
  • Professional Aerial Performances +$300
  • Costumed Performers: Jugglers, Stilt-walkers, Living Table, Champagne Aerialist, Hoop dance and more. +$300
  • Extra Instructor + Studio Time (60 minutes) +$150

Looking for a fun and adventurous way to celebrate? Join us at Cirque de Vol for an exciting bachelorette, Girl's Night out or Birthday Party you won't soon forget! The party includes one out of instruction, followed by time to enjoy refreshments, open gifts, or socialize afterwards. You are welcome to bring in any food or beverages and decorations you would like (there will be 2 tables and chairs set up for your use).

(We ask that you have guests arrive 10 minutes early to ensure they can enjoy the entire circus party experience, but no earlier than 15 minutes, as we often have other parties or classes wrapping up and do not have a waiting area)

*Please Note:
If your party goes over the allotted 15 minute grace period, you will be charged for an additional half hour ($45). If it goes 30+ minutes over the allotted time, you will be charged for no less than an extra hour ($75). Want extra time? No problem! Let us know when you book and we can schedule out as much as you would like to enjoy the party and the space.

Please Note: Last minute requests for extra time can be challenging to accommodate as our studio space books up quickly, so best to plan ahead.

A 50% deposit or payment in full is required to make the reservation, and the remaining balance is due by the day of the event.

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