Design Dance

Design Dance

Virtual K-5th Musical Theatre

4:00pm - 4:45pm CST
Feb 8, 2021 - Apr 19, 2021
Grades kindergarten - 5th  
Virtual Dance Studio
Photo for Virtual K-5th Musical Theatre (Acting) by Design Dance
Photo for Virtual K-5th Musical Theatre (Acting) by Design Dance
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K-5th Musical Theatre will be hosted on Zoom! Please note, classes are held within Central Time and cost of registration is "per household".

Liven up your living room with The Groove by Design Dance on Zoom.

In this energetic class, students will learn the fundamentals of dance, music, and theatre through the exploration of popular musicals. Not only will students develop an appreciation for musicality, but they will also build flexibility, rhythm, spatial awareness, and coordination. In each lesson, students will gain vital social-emotional skills by engaging in theatre-related games, choice-based improv activities, and creative self-expression and confidence-building exercises. Throughout the session, students will learn choreography from select musicals and work together to design a unique piece of their own.

Core Competencies:

-Gross-motor skills
-Fine-motor skills
-Empathy building
-Bonus - Improvisation

In each session, students will be sent a Zoom link that can be accessed on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer and follow-along as a Design Dance instructor facilitates movement activities, technical dance prompts and choreography combos, all in real time!


Zoom Privacy + Security

When participating in a Virtual Dance Studio Zoom class, we will mute all participants upon entrance but the instructor may give participants the opportunity to share their audio with the rest of the class. Participants are not required to share their audio and/or video with the rest of the class.

The Groove by Design Dance will not share any personal information of the participants viewing the class.

Finally, all content and activities displayed through the class will be facilitated by members of the Design Dance team and made appropriate for a student audience. No soliciting will take place on the live stream and all content and music will follow Design Dance class etiquette and guidelines.

Virtual Dance Studio
Payment Options
Feb 8, 2021 - Apr 19, 2021
• Sibling Discounts: Second Child (100%), Third Child (100%), Any Additional Child (100%)