Flying Colors Trapeze

Flying Colors Trapeze

Starting at $300


We have partnered with the Girl Scouts of MN to create an empowering badge earning program!

Available- Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Fair Play: 2 Hour Troop Adventure.
Follow the rules
Include everyone
Be a part of a team
Keep Score
Have a field day
“When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to play fair in sports”

Introduction and Discussion: When the girls arrive we will introduce ourselves and discuss following rules and fair play. We will talk about including everyone and the girls will come up with an agreed upon fair method of choosing teams. We will talk about their experiences of fair play and if they have had an experience of someone not playing fair, and how that feels. We will discuss our game, explain the rules, and what the goal is. We will divide into teams to play the game.

The game will consist of a circus obstacle coarse using a low hung triple trapeze to learn and follow important team work rules, a balance game on the low wire, a distance game on the globe, and a seat drop game on the trampoline. The girls will work with our coaches to learn to do each of the events.

The girls will then have a team competition that uses their newly learned skills, on each of the events they have learned and practiced. They will be scored on supporting one another as a team, doing their best, paying attention, following the rules, and on the event itself. Throughout the competition the girls will keep score together. The team competition will give them the opportunity to practice their teamwork in support of one-another, to practice their honesty in marking their scores, and to practice competing fairly and supportively.

We will finish the day with a discussion of the day, and recognition of each of the stand out girls in the competition, recognizing not only best scores in any given event, but also grace (trying their best to use intention to do ones best job with the best form possible), sportsmanship (congratulating others on a job well done), team work (supporting one another to keep each other safe). We will wrap things up with a discussion about Fair Play.
The girls will complete the badge at home with #2 “Include Everyone” component.

No Experience Necessary
We will meet each girl at her capacity and guide her to succeed.
We worked with Girl Scouts to create these official badge events, however, purchase of badge is done through Girl Scouts by troop leaders.

Up to 10 participants. $30 per each additional participant.

* Parties not guaranteed unless you have schedule confirmation prior to purchase. Please call Sherri @ (651) 321-3013 to schedule.

*Please provide Troop Number when submitting inquiry*

  • Headcount:10 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Flying Colors Trapeze, 18180 Olinda Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047
Add Ons
  • Flying Colors Stickers +$3
  • Flying Colors Girls Scout Patch +$5
  • Covered Table with chairs for enjoying cake and presents +$5

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
1. Parties not guaranteed unless you have schedule confirmation prior to purchase.
2. Cancellation up to 120 days after Purchase and at least 2 weeks prior to event- 90% refund.
3. OR a credit equal to 100% of the event cost toward future camp or event.
4. Cancelation from 120 after purchase to 2 weeks prior to event date - 90% credit on future champs.
5. Inclement Weather Cancelation: This is a fair weather activity, If Flying Colors needs to cancel your event, we will help you to find a new date that works for the group and postpone the event.

Our Refund Commitment:
Our goal is to help you in your dream to fly - literally & figuratively.
It is so that we may stay in business to provide this dream that we have a policy to guide our actions.

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