Flying Colors Trapeze

Flying Colors Trapeze

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We have partnered with the Girl Scouts of MN to create an empowering badge earning program!

Available: Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Seniors - Cross-Training Badge: 2 Hour Troop Adventure.
1. Set your cross-training goal
2. Start a stretching and flexibility program
3. Add a cardio element
4. Add a toning and strengthening element
5. Stay motivated to reach your goal
“When I’ve earned this badge-I will have developed a great cross-training routine that keeps my workouts interesting and fun.

“Set your cross-training goal”- Girls can download a pdf with Cross-training and exercise example that help with circus and Flying Trapeze. These will include flexibility, cardio elements, toning and strengthening. When they arrive we will discuss the goals, and how Flying Trapeze and Circus arts can help them to cross-train while having fun. We will take time to get to know one another and discuss their fitness goals. We will then discuss their goal for the day. The goal for some may be to accomplish a knee hang to a catcher on the flying trapeze, for another it may be to accomplish a knee hang on their own on the low trapeze, or somewhere in between. We will discuss the process of Flying Trapeze and what to expect.

“Start a stretching and flexibility program “- We will practice the stretching that they have been doing, and speak specifically about, and work on good form.

“Add a cardio element “- We will discuss good cardio routines, and do a little warming up.

“Add a toning and strengthening element”- We will talk about the toning and strengthening that they have been doing, what they like, what their goals are, and if they are doing things properly. then we will go through our own strengthening. We first learn all of the necessary skills for the Flying Trapeze on the ground. We will learn and practice properly jumping off the board, body position while in the air, about patience and timing. We then use the low hung trapeze to practice, and finally practice getting into a knee hang on the low bar. Once they are comfortable with this, they get to climb the ladder to the high trapeze. Throughout the process this girls will be protected by safety lines. Girls will use their newly obtained skills to swing on the Flying Trapeze. They will use their practiced patience and body skills to get into a knee hang and finally when they have worked their way through these steps, and have gained confidence in their abilities, and if they have accomplished a knee hang, they will have the thrilling opportunity to perform their new knee hang trick to the catcher and swing in his/her hands.

“Stay motivated to reach your goal”- We will wrap up the day with a summary and discussion of their experience. How can Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts specifically, and cross-training in general help them to meet their fitness goals and maintain their fitness, health and mental health?

No Experience Necessary
We will meet each girl at her capacity and guide her to succeed.
We worked with Girl Scouts to create these official badge events, however, purchase of badge is done through Girl Scouts by troop leaders.

*Please provide Troop Number when submitting inquiry*

Up to 12 participants. $35 per each additional participant.

* Parties not guaranteed unless you have schedule confirmation prior to purchase. Please call Sherri @ (651) 321-3013 to schedule.

*Please provide Troop Number when submitting inquiry*

  • Headcount:10 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Flying Colors Trapeze, 18180 Olinda Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047
Add Ons
  • Flying Colors Stickers +$3
  • Flying Colors Girls Scout Patch +$5
  • Covered Table with chairs for enjoying cake and presents +$5

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
1. Parties not guaranteed unless you have schedule confirmation prior to purchase.
2. Cancellation up to 120 days after Purchase and at least 2 weeks prior to event- 90% refund.
3. OR a credit equal to 100% of the event cost toward future camp or event.
4. Cancelation from 120 after purchase to 2 weeks prior to event date - 90% credit on future champs.
5. Inclement Weather Cancelation: This is a fair weather activity, If Flying Colors needs to cancel your event, we will help you to find a new date that works for the group and postpone the event.

Our Refund Commitment:
Our goal is to help you in your dream to fly - literally & figuratively.
It is so that we may stay in business to provide this dream that we have a policy to guide our actions.

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