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The Sawyer Beta Builders get access to new features and services before they're rolled out to the community.

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By harnessing the early insights of educators and business owners, we can make our vision – providing every child the opportunity to discover their own love of learning – a reality.

Get early access to new features and services

From the beginning, we've held the belief that the best products are built in partnership with those who use it everyday – educators like you.

By being a Sawyer Beta Builder, you'll have direct input into how Sawyer evolves to meet your needs and challenges as you grow your business.

The products you test won't be perfect – in fact, they'll likely be far from it. But that's where we need your help, to make them perfect for you.

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Simply fill out the application here – the information you provide will never be shared. Don't worry if you don't hear back immediately, we might not have a project underway at this time!

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