Foster Art

Foster Art

Squishmallow Party

We will paint our own Squishmallow's on a canvas and we will make Squishmallow charm jewelry. Each party goer will also receive 2 gifts from Foster Art. After the art making it'll be time for goodies and snacks!

  • Headcount:15

  • Duration:90 (Can request additional time)

Locations (2)
  • Offsite Location
  • Foster Art, 1770 Timberwood Blvd, Suite 106, Charlottesville, VA 22911
Add Ons
  • Extra Guest +$15
  • Extra 30 Minutes +$100
  • Custom Party Fee +$150
  • Off Site Fee +$100
  • Extra Art project +$25
  • Face-Painter +$60
  • Wine/Beer for Adult parties +$125

Thank you so much for choosing Foster Art for your child’s birthday celebration!

To help ensure the best possible experience we ask you to adhere to the following:

1. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be required in order to book the party.

2. The remaining balance will be charged on the day of your party.

3. The party fee includes up to 15 children (including the birthday child and participating siblings), $15 each additional child.

4. Parties are 90 minutes in length. The first 30 minutes is open play/ painting, the following 30 minutes will be dedicated to the sit down project, and the last 30 minutes is allocated for food and cake. If you are not serving food or cake, please discuss with us in advance.

5. Please provide us the final number of guests 7 days prior to the scheduled party.

6. Family is responsible for all food/ food clean up: clearing tables, and throwing away/recycling discard

7. Please consider the earth when choosing disposable products for your celebration. We offer the option to use our colorful and reusable plates and cups for just $10. Please also consider earth friendly options when choosing your beverages.

8. You may bring in balloons but only floating balloons, loose balloons are not permitted.

9. In case of inclement weather or illness of the birthday child, parties may be cancelled. We will do our best to offer a date to reschedule.

10. Read and accept the following terms:
I/ we do hereby agree to release Foster Art, and all associated persons, from liability for any accident or injury sustained during the time spent at Foster Art for this party or related activities. I grant permission for myself and/ my children to voluntarily participate in activities related to the birthday party. I have advised the guests of this party and their parents that photos may be taken and used strictly for the purpose of Foster Art. I have also advised that clothing that can get messy! I/ we will not make claim against or sue Foster Art.

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