Frenchie Farm

Frenchie Farm

Starting at $180

Private Family Class

Interested in organizing a private class for your family or small group? Private classes are the perfect opportunity to visit the farm with your loved ones.

Come explore and learn about the workings of an organic + regenerative farm! Kids will be introduced to the basics of caring for goats, chickens, ducks, cattle, and livestock guardian dogs, while also planting and harvesting their own vegetables. There will be ample opportunities to interact with and feed the goats and chickens. Kids will also be invited to collect and bring home their own farm fresh eggs straight from the chicken coop. (Egg production naturally increases and decreases throughout the season, so amounts cannot be guaranteed.)

  • Headcount:6-13 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:45 (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Frenchie Farm
Add Ons
  • 1 Hour for Food/Gifts +$100
  • Weekend Birthday Party +$200

Full payment is due upon purchase. All sales are final. Private classes are a 6 child minimum, but parents are always welcome to join for free. Kids 1 years old and under are free. Below is the cost/student:

$30/student for the 45 minute class

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