Gears 2 Robots

Gears 2 Robots

STEM Enrichment Package-Ultimate (Child Membership)


The perks of a membership for tailored for Charter School students! Enjoy ultimate access to everything at the Tech Academy! Unlimited days, unlimited use! We have storage bins for EP students to store any ongoing projects they may want to continue the following Access Day. EP may come in any time during opening hours.

Once the approved enrichment form, purchase order, etc. is received by Gears 2 Robots a code will be provided to result in a $0.00 balance during registration. A code will not be provided without the approved forms.

M-F: 3pm - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Use "Sibling" discount code for signing up multiple students. If necessary, we will pro-rate your account once you are registered and paid.

Child STEM Enrichment Package
Valid at certain locations only

  • Child Membership
  • One (1) year term, auto-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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STEM Enrichment Package-Ultimate

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