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Mommy or Daddy & Me

1 - 10 yrs


This class is open to all Moms and Dads with children from 1-10 years old who would like to come together and talk German, to listen to other people speak German or to just simply get out and be among adults. There is no structure to this class. We offer the gardens to you and you are more than welcome to hang out, use our children's toys and books as well as our musical instruments to sing German songs with your little ones. We simply ask that you clean up after yourselves and leave our place the way you found it.


German-Texan Heritage Society

507 E 10th St

Austin, TX 78701

• If you're early to a class, please don't jump the gate ;-) Your instructor might be stuck in traffic and will show up shortly.
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Mommy or Daddy & Me

1 - 10 yrs

Booking Options

Wednesdays, 11:00am - 1:00pm

September 6 - December 6


FREE /day

• (closed: 11/22)