Harmony Learning Center

Harmony Learning Center

Birthday Party Rental

Celebrate your child's next birthday at Harmony!

Perfect for children turning 1-5. Includes:

Private Rental of our entire boutique play center.

2-hour-party (2 hour party & 1/2 hour set up)

Party coordinator to help with set up and clean up.

Party start time between 10am and 4pm.

Suggested capacity limit is 35-40 guests.

Ability to bring your own decorations, food, drink, cake, and entertainment.

Child sized tables and chairs set up for 16 children.

Benches and chairs for 10 adults & standing room for additional adults.

Disposable tablecloths, filtered water and a single serve coffee machine.

Playtime in our Montessori-inspired playrooms.

  • Headcount:16 kids + adults (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours plus set up time (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Harmony Learning Center, 725 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Add Ons
  • Face Painting with Ms. Abbey (60 min) +$150
  • Fruit Tray +$10
  • Veggie Tray +$10
  • Pizza Package includes delivery +$130
  • Pikler Climbing Gym and Slide +$10
  • Play Frame Tent & Silk +$10
  • Lego Table +$10
  • Day of Birthday Party Photos with Dylan Photography- 30min +$125
  • OUTDOOR Photos during child's birthday month- 30min +$175
  • STUDIO Photos during child's birthday month- 30min +$195
  • Party Time Extension (30 mins) +$75
  • Balloon Garland (150 pieces, 3 colors) +$150
  • Face Painting 90 mins (Abbey) +$150
  • Additional Party Favors (1) +$5
  • Party Favors (12): Mini bubbles, Coloring Sheet, Crayons, 2 small items +$60
  • Vinyl Backdrop +$15
  • High Chair Banner +$15
  • Cake Stand or Cupcake Stand or Donut Board +$25
  • 30 minutes The Music Playhouse +$165
  • Happy Birthday Banner +$15
  • Rescheduling Fee +$50
  • Table Decorations +$30
  • ADDITIONAL HEADCOUNT (applies to play group rental only) $20/child +$20
  • Lollipop Balloons (12) +$20
  • Themed Cups, Plates, Napkins, Cutlery x 48 count +$50
  • 12 MINI Assorted Cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes +$33
  • 3 dozen MINI Assorted Cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes (delivery included) +$100
  • Bacci's Pizza 5XL cheese pizzas, 3 2-liter sodas, delivery included +$125
  • Bacci's Pizza, extra toppings (1) +$2.99
  • Rock Star Package Add-On +$250
  • Legend Package Add-On +$750
  • Unlimited use of Bubble Machine +$10
  • Extended Party Time (One Hour) +$150
  • Bacci Pizza Package- 7 XL Pizzas, 5 Cheese, 2 Veggies Toppings, 3 liters of Soda +$180


You are renting Harmony Learning Center and all of its facilities. This includes all of the toys in the play rooms. THERE ARE NO SHOES ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY. There are shoe racks available for you and all of your guests to keep their shoes. This rule is important to help keep our facility clean for the small children that play throughout the week and so our carpets and foam flooring do not get damaged. Please inform all adults and children before or during arrival of this rule.

Food, Drink & Staff:
Food preparation is not permitted. Please bring items that are already prepared. Food and drinks are to remain in designated eating area only. All food must be kept in the party room area. No food is allowed in the play rooms. Harmony will provide private use of the facility for 2 hours and will provide a party coordinator to assist with set up, clean up and service during the party and tables and chairs to accommodate food, gifts, and guests. WE ARE A NUT FREE FACILITY.

Furnishings & Decorations:
No staples, tacks, pins, or nails may be used to affix decorations. No adhesive tape of any kind can be used on the walls or floor, EXCEPT for wall-safe or painters tape. In the event that proper authorization is not received and damages have resulted from your party’s stay, the cost to repair and/or replacement will be billed to you. Balloons are permitted. If they pop please be sure to pick up pieces so they are not eaten by any small children. Spray String (i.e., Silly String) and confetti are not permitted. Please do not rearrange large furniture without prior permission from Harmony.

Set Up & Clean Up:
Birthday Party rentals will have 30 minutes of set up prior to the party start time and 30 minutes of pack up time after the party end time. It is the renter’s responsibility to leave the party room as it was found. The party coordinator will assist with clean-up. When making your reservation, please allow enough time before and after your event for setting up and taking down necessary equipment and decorations and cleaning the facility. The party coordinator will remove trash, vacuum and do general cleaning. Renter is responsible for removal of all items brought into the center. If the event time exceeds the terms of the rental agreement, Renter will be charged $25 per 15 minutes over pack up time.

Personal Property:
Harmony is not responsible for the personal belongings. It is the sole responsibility of each person entering the facility to be responsible for all belongings. Under no circumstances will Harmony take responsibility for any lost, missing or stolen property personal or otherwise.

Renter is completely responsible for the wellbeing and behavior of all party guests while on the premises of Harmony Learning Center. Disorderly or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
A) In addition to the Harmony Staff Party Coordinator, be sure to have support (adults) to assist you in running your party safely and smoothly. We recommend a 1 to 5 ratio of adults to children.
B) Parents are responsible for redirecting inappropriate play and/or behavior.
Renter and guests are expected to respect the property. Anyone found disrespecting any of Harmony Learning Center’s property will be asked to leave the property.

Your party is not officially reserved until we have received your $100 deposit and Party Rental Agreement. Balance is due two weeks before the event, if not received by due date, the event may be canceled.
Refunds will be made only if cancellation is made not less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Event may be canceled and refunded in advance of 30 days before the event. All refunds are subject to a 20% refund fee.
Events canceled with less than 30 days notice will not be refunded. Events may be rescheduled with two weeks advance notice for $50 fee.
In the event that the birthday child becomes ill the morning of the event, every effort will be made to reschedule. Credit towards Harmony classes will be given or a refund minus admin and vacant space costs of $150. Add-ons will not be refunded, but may be rescheduled according to the vendor policy.

The Renter contracting for an event must agree to hold harmless Harmony Learning Center its agents and employees, against any and all liability, loss or damage it hereafter sustain, incur or be required to pay by any reason of personal suffering, personal injury, death, or property damage, either while participating in or receiving the services being furnished by the contractor under this agreement, or while on the premises in conjunction with such event, except for those liabilities caused by or resulting from negligence or the intentional acts of Harmony Learning Center, its officers, agents, or employees.
The Renter must agree to assume complete responsibility for replacement or repair of articles damaged beyond ordinary use or stolen either by those in attendance or by persons hired by them for the event. The extent of the damage and cost of repair will be judged solely by Harmony based upon estimates received. The following are not allowed in Harmony at any time: smoking, fireworks, sparklers, pyrotechnic devices. Possession of knives, guns, or any weapon is not permitted within the facility.
The conduct of guests is the Renter’s responsibility. Children must be supervised at all times. Harmony is fully empowered to ask anyone to leave in the facility of disorderly conduct, intoxication, or staying over their contracted time.

I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations of Harmony Learning Center and assume responsibility for my group to do the same. I consent to the legally binding terms and conditions in this document. I agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature on this document.

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