Moveable Machines & Hands-on Science (NYC)




1st - 2nd grade


Mon, Jan 23, 2023 - Jun 26, 2023

10 classes remaining

3:00pm - 5:00pm EST


440 West 53rd Street, NYC, NY 10019


Icamp I.


16 students

Class Experience

Is your child fascinated by all things that go “vroom,” “whiz,” and “splat?” If so, iCAMP’s Moveable Machines and Hands-on Science course is exactly what the doctor ordered. Focusing on simple and compound machines that can generate power and motion with and without electricity, this course provides space for students to explore their need for speed and experiments in a safe, controlled environment.

Throughout the course, students will build their own helicopters, cars, gliders, and more powered by hydraulics, wind, and battery powered circuits – paired with instruction that will help them understand how and why they move. By testing and remodeling these creations, Moveable Machines and Hands-on Science students will also get a chance to flex their creative muscles and discover their own sense of invention.

Your student will get to put on their lab coats and don their safety glasses for a broad introduction to core scientific concepts for young learners. Throughout the course, students will learn more about the chemical reactions, molecules, atoms, and physics that define the world around them.

Through experimentation and discovery, they will learn to relate these sometimes challenging concepts to their own real-life experiences. Experiments like self-inflating baking soda and vinegar balloons and mini volcanos encased in lemons will teach them that incredible scientific discoveries wait around every corner, if they just know where to look.

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