Pre-recorded - Jet Plane Drawing

9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Feb 25, 2021
Ages 6 - 12 yrs 
Pre-recorded - Virtual
Photo for Pre-recorded - Jet Plane Drawing (Art) by KidzArt
Photo for Pre-recorded - Jet Plane Drawing (Art) by KidzArt
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Ever wonder who designed the colors and designs for commercial airlines? YOU be the designer of your own jet plane. Learn how to draw the basic aerodynamic shape and then create your own exterior design. Learn about perspective and scale. Discover how to use chalk pastels to blend beautiful colors and landscapes.

This is a pre-recorded KidzArt lesson. Students will be creating their own jet plane using concepts of color gradation, contour, depth, and foreground. You will receive a link to the lesson as soon as you complete the registration.


This a Pre-recorded Lesson - be sure to have these supplies ready:
- Drawing Paper
-Pencils & Erasers
-Sharpie Pen
-Markers (several shades of gray)
-Chalk Pastels & Tissue for Blending
-Table Protector (Newspaper)

Pre-recorded - Virtual
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