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Leaping Dog Art Studios

Virtual Painting Art Camp: MORNING

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri,
9:00am - 11:00am EDT
Jun 28, 2021 - Jul 2, 2021 (5 days)
Ages 7 - 13 yrs 
Online Virtual
Photo for Virtual Painting Art Camp: MORNING (Camp) by Leaping Dog Art Studios
Photo for Virtual Painting Art Camp: MORNING (Camp) by Leaping Dog Art Studios
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Campers will be taught several painting techniques and learn the skills needed to use both Watercolors and Acrylic Paints. Each Camper will be able to paint at least one of each: a landscape, a still life of fruit or flowers, an underwater scene, a storybook illustration, a favorite animal and a portrait or face. An opportunity will also be given to learn a number of contemporary or modern and abstract painting methods including drip painting and spray painting.)

Art Supplies are sold as an Art/Painting Kit for an additional fee of $35 and is available for pick up the WEEK before start of Camp.

If you choose NOT to order an Art/Painting Kit with us, please have the following list of art supplies on hand everyday:

a Pencil
an Eraser
a Pencil Sharpener
White Drawing Paper (printer paper will do but a heavier stock Drawing Paper would be nicer:)

*Other DRAWING materials that are recommended:
Colored Pencils- a pack of 12 is a good amount
Thin Black Waterproof or Permanent Marker (i.e. Sharpie) or other Ink Pens
Oil Pastels -set of 8 to 12
And if you want to splurge:
Charcoal ('Compressed' or 'Vine' sticks) - here is a good set!
Chalk Pastels- set of 8-12
Note: a Kneaded Eraser and a Drawing Pencil Set with Blending tool ('Tortillion Stump') is nice to have but not required.

PAINTING materials that are recommended:
Acrylic Paint Brushes (a minimum of 2 -a 'Flat'(wide brush) and a 'Pointed Round' (skinny or pointy brush)
Acrylic Paint Set (a minimum of 5 colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black & White)
a Watercolor Set of 8 to 12 colors
Watercolor Paint Brushes (a minimum of 2 -a 'Flat'(wide brush) and a 'Pointed Round' (skinny or pointy brush)
a Container for Water
Paper Towels to dry paint brushes with

Surfaces to Paint on:
9 x 12 Watercolor Paper or Mixed Media Paper pad- like this one
2-3 Canvases (Canvas 'board' or Canvas 'panels' or 'Stretched' Canvases)
Please note: Plenty of artists paint on ordinary paper but we know that many students really enjoy painting on canvas especially for Acrylic Paint)

* note: a Table Easel or Standing Easel for painting is not required (but we know that many students do enjoy using them)

MISCELLANEOUS Art Materials that are recommended:
White (Elmer's Glue) or
Glue Stick
A variety of Papers (Colored Papers, Patterned Papers, Scrap Papers, Tissue Papers)
Student's WORK AREA should include:
a large table or flat surface to work on
a comfortable chair
good Lighting (natural light is usually best!)
being close to a water source (sink) and a trash can is convenient

It is recommended that students Protect their Work Area and themselves by:
-Covering the table with Newspapers or an old Tablecloth or Disposable Tablecloth (even a large trash bag will do.)
-Wearing clothes they don't mind getting messy in or wearing an artist smock or apron.


All Campers will receive a Link to our Camp the week prior to your Camp Week.

All MORNING campers can log on 5-10 minutes prior to start time, which is 9:00am.
All AFTERNOON campers can log on 5 10 minutes prior to start time, which is 1:00pm.

To 'prepare' for Camp, we recommend all Campers to:
1.) Designate or find a space that is quiet and well lit and in which they can work in all 5 days of camp with little or no interruption.
2.) Make sure there is enough room or space to work in. We recommend a flat surface like a table or desk with additional space to put art supplies on. (Easels are not necessary for painting.)
3.) Prepare your space by putting an old/reusable or plastic tablecloth or by putting newspaper down so it will be easier to clean up (in case you get glue or paint or marker on the table).
4.) SUPPLIES LIST: Supplies that will be needed every day: a Pencil, an Eraser, a Pencil Sharpener, and (white) drawing Paper (printer paper will do). *Other art materials that you will need: Black Sharpie (or other permanent) Marker, Paintbrushes (a Flat and Pointed Round), Acrylic (or Tempera) paint, a Watercolor Set, a Container for Water, and Paper Towels to dry, 5 Canvas boards or Stretched Canvases.

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Jun 28, 2021 - Jul 2, 2021
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