Leaping Dog Art Studios

Leaping Dog Art Studios

Starting at $50

Private Art Lesson for 1-3 people

Book a Private Art Lesson (or Semi-Private Art Lesson up to 4 people) in DRAWING or PAINTING or CLAY.

ADDITIONAL FEES may be necessary depending on:

1. What type of lesson is chosen
2. Total number of participants (*Private or Semi-Private Art Lessons can accommodate up to 3 people)
3. Whether or not you bring your own Art Materials (If we Provide Art Materials, Fees could be between $25-$35 per person)

$50 for 1st person, $75 for 2 people and $100 for 3 people PLUS MATERIALS FEE
$50 for additional hour

CLAY Prices are:
$75 for 1st person, $120 for 2 people and $150 for 3 people PLUS MATERIALS FEE
$50 for additional hour

Private Art Lessons are available during weekdays and weekends. (Please provide at least 2 dates in your notes to see if we can accommodate you.) All Lessons are approximately 1 hour long (Clay or Painting Lessons may take longer). All levels are welcome, from Beginner to Advanced.

  • Headcount:minimum of 1

  • Duration:1 hour (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Leaping Dog Art Studios, 325 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

$50 security deposit is NON-refundable

In case of Injury or Accident of any kinds at Leaping Dog Arts Studio, I/we/the parent(s)/ Guardian(s), of the birthday child, agree to not hold Leaping Dog Arts Studios, nor any of its employees or volunteers liable for its occurrence. I hereby release Leaping Dog Art Studios, its employees and volunteers from all claims or damage which may arise out of any loss or personal injury to my child, myself, and or party guests while participating in Leaping Dogs Art Programs. Students' Pictures may be used for marketing, Facebook and promotions. No last names will be used to ensure privacy of our students. Please let the director know if you do not wish for your child's picture to be used. Otherwise, by initializing here, it is understood that your child's picture can be used for marketing, Facebook and other such promotional tools.

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