Mr. Singer's LeitHaus

Mr. Singer's LeitHaus

Online Interactive Mr. Singer Solo performance

With his guitar and kick drum suitcase, even online, Mr. Singer shows up dressed like the rock star he is! He gets the party going with kids clapping, singing, playing rhythm games, and dancing. For the big jams, grab one of your instruments. His own fun originals, favorite children’s classics, and even the most unexpected rock’n’roll faves are part of the show! Parents just can’t resist joining in! The party finishes up with a rollicking farewell sing-a-long. It’s a blast every time!
Order a recording of the virtual party for posterity :)

  • Headcount:N/A

  • Duration:45 Minutes (Can request additional time)

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Add Ons
  • cds or download stickers for party favors 10 for $50 add'l $3 ea. +$50
  • Recording of virtual performance +$5

Online performance up to 10 logins for interactive purposes, more than ten will be a one way show.

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