Little Art House

Little Art House

Starting at $200

Birthday, 1-4yrs. @ The Art Center in Westhaven

Westhaven: Art Center must be booked directly with the Westhaven Clubhouse and confirmed prior to booking Little Art House. Masks optional (The birthday host can decide whether to require masks or not!)

Little Art House: $200 includes all materials for 60min of entertainment (structure below), planning/prepping for 5 kiddos and one instructor to set up/all cleanup related to the artmaking! Each additional child is $8 with an assistant being provided for parties of 8 or more kiddos.

This would be provided at the beginning of the party followed by the celebration, refreshments etc. :)
5-10 minutes Free Draw
30-45 minutes artmaking!
10-15 minutes playdough time

  • Headcount:4-15

  • Duration:Max 1hr

Locations (1)
  • Art Center @ Westhaven Residents’ Club, 401 Cheltenham Ave, Art Center, Franklin, TN 37064
Add Ons
  • Playdough Party Favors ($3 ea) +$3
  • Personalized Art Apron, $12/ea **Must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to event +$12
  • Personalized Art Aprons, set of 4 **Must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to event +$45
  • Plain Art Aprons, set of 4 *Please request upon purchase of deposit +$30


Once your date/time is confirmed, we will send you a deposit link!  After your deposit is purchased, the date and time cannot be altered unless it's due to severe inclement weather.  If there is a cancellation due to inclement weather, we will do our best to accommodate another time/date.

The week of the party:Monday before the party: We'll reach out to provide options for the project based on the birthday person's interests/party theme :)  If there's already something in mind, please let me know and I'll add that to the notes on the reservation!

FINAL HEAD COUNT is DUE by WEDNESDAY the week of your party (or at least 3-4 days in advance if it's not on the weekend). Please Note WE DO NOT MAKE EXTRAS for birthdays - we have a number of birthdays with personalized projects each weekend so extras would create a lot of waste. It is always better to overestimate rather than under in case maybes do show up and we'll send home extra pre-prepped supplies! Also, we have one person who preps all birthdays mid-week and needs to know how much for each project so there is a $25/ea fee for late additions.

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