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Little Moving Artist Birthday Package

Come celebrate with our Little Moving Artist Birthday Party Package!
This package includes free play in our play space and a 45 minute Little Moving Artists Class! Recommended for ages 3-6 years old.

Bring your own food and dessert or request a complete package through us for an additional charge!

Theme Options:
Movement Jam Birthday: (Ages 3-6) Get ready for the silliest, most energetic movement party around! The movement jam package combines 45-60 minutes of creative movement games, dancing, imagery, obstacle courses, music, sensory props and costumes. Your child will ice skate on paper plates, tap dance on bubble wrap, take part in an ultimate snowball fight, bug hunt, fly with super hero capes and wings, freeze dance, and more. We promise lots of smiles and happy exhaustion!

Ninja Party: (Ages 4-6) Is your child up for the challenge? Can they complete the training to earn their place as a spy or ninja? This 60 minute birthday experience will include a laser beam course, strength training, target practice, stink bomb detonation, obstacle courses, duck and cover training, agility practice and so much more. If your child completes all the missions they will earn spy fingerprint card or a ninja shield.

Superhero Party: (Ages 4-6) Do you have a little super hero? Let us create a superhero training camp that your birthday child will love! This 60 minute party begins with all your guests picking out their own superhero mask and favorite cape. Once the guests get into character let The Little Moving Artist guide them through multiple training challenges including strength training, a laser beam course, kryptonite collection, obstacle courses, tactical training, and flying practice. Each child will receive a super hero stamp for completing the challenge.

  • Headcount:10 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Maplewood Studio, 187A Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040

A 50 percent deposit is required at booking

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