German A1.2

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Mon, Aug 31, 2020 - Dec 14, 2020


7:00pm - 8:30pm CDT


Rita G.


12 students

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PREREQUISITE: A1.1 or equivalent Online Placement Exam (recommended score of at least 15 pts on the Stufe 1/A1.1 exam)

Participants work in class to begin developing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills relating to their daily and weekly activities; providing and understanding simple accounts of past events; talking about celebrations, festival, and holidays; describing living situations; giving directions, scheduling appointments, and talking about life plans and wishes.This course covers chapters 10 - 18 of the Menschen A1 course book.

The A1 courses are for those who are looking to learn German from the beginning in a formal setting. Students are in an immersion setting from the very first class in A1.1; all courses are conducted primarily in German. The 3 courses cover the Menschen A1 coursebook. The content covered in the class is supplemented by a workbook, which students complete independently outside of class to review and practice what's explored in class. Note that these are German-language textbooks.

Those who fully participate in and complete A1.1, A1.2, and A1.3, typically over the span of 3 semesters, will ideally be prepared for the A1 Goethe Exam, recognized globally as proof of German language ability. Read more here about the Goethe Institute and their language exams.


Please purchase the required texts for the course at least 2 weeks before the course start as shipping times are notoriously long.

Please purchase the required texts for the course at least 2 weeks before the course start as shipping times are notoriously long.

• Menschen A1 - Textbook ISBN# 9783191019013 (for classes A1.1 - A1.3)
• Menschen A1 - Workbook ISBN# 9783191119010 (homework exercises for classes A1.1 - A1.3)
Suggested textbook distributor: IBIS- International Book Import Service

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You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions.


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Jeff C.

Mar 14, 2021


Mr. Barr always keeps the class on topic, well paced, and interesting.


I think under the circumstances we have all been experiencing, the class has been conducted extremely well.

German A1.2
Location: Online Class | Instructor: Bradley Barr

Laurie W.

Oct 28, 2020


Herr Barr encourages speaking in class, building confidence in spoken German. He alsi provides clear and useful explanations ro help us get a better understanding of German grammer.

German A1.2
Location: Online Class | Instructor: Bradley Barr

Steven T.

Oct 28, 2020


Getting to practice speaking and hearing German. It was reassuring to know the difficulties others were having in speaking the language during class.



German A1.2
Location: Online Class | Instructor: Rita Guihan

Ana L.

Jun 16, 2020


Henrike's enthusiasm, energy and creativity


Online lessons are super hard. The teacher-student connection is not the same.

German A1.2
Location: Online Class | Instructor: Henrike Belz

Ana L.

Mar 24, 2020


My instructor's enthusiasm and preparedness


The light in the room

German A1.2
Location: German-Texan Heritage Society | Instructor: Henrike Belz

About German Free School

We offer German classes for all ages, including adult classes and formal classes for homeschool, private school, and other younger learners. We also serve as a Goethe Institute testing center, and our curriculum aligns with the Goethe Institut and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; classes prepare interested students for the Goethe German language proficiency exams, recognized globally as proof of German-language ability.