Advanced French Composition ( Middle/High-School)

Smith Street Workshop (



4:30pm - 5:30pm EDT
Sep 14, 2020 - Dec 21, 2020
Grades 6th - 11th  
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In this course, students will refine vocabulary and syntax by exploring creative writing in French.

They will produce their own diverse texts, developing creativity and learning to organize their thoughts and ideas. While reading and writing, students will reflect on the French language structure and improve their grammar and conjugation skills.

Designed for students in grades 6th-9th with a strong French background.



Sabrina D.

Nov 7, 2019


The teacher is amazing


I don't know

Advanced French Composition ( Middle/High-School)
Location: Smith Street Workshop | Instructor: Nathalie VanBraekel

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Tomomi U.

Jan 16, 2021


My son said his Instructor,Mr.David Rice is very nice and his explanation is very clear.


My son wants a little more challenging math. (If he could solve the math problem quickly....he gets distracted while he is waiting for other kid’s answer)

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Melissa M.

Jun 16, 2020


The ELA teacher did a decent job at making the zoom calls interactive - by having students enter possible answers into the chat.


Lecturing is never the way to go. If you are going to continue to hold this class via Zoom, you MUST engage the students. My daughter was bored and not motivated to learn - especially from the Math teacher, who did very little to interact.

Comprehensive SHSAT course, Spring/ Fall
Location: Smith Street Workshop

Vivian N.

May 16, 2020


The teachers were very through in their teaching. We mainly had problems of logging on. Also the homework assignments were not posted promptly or Ronin 80% couldn’t log on to retrieve it. There’s either issue of him not being listed or teacher posted on Thursday (two days before their lesson on Saturday morning.)


I know the lesson starts at 10am but a lot of time Ronin has to wait up to 5 minutes in the waiting room before he could join. I suggest that the teacher starts inviting kids earlier so it doesn’t eat into the lesson time. Because no matter what the teacher log off right at 11 promptly but it doesn’t always start promptly.

Comprehensive SHSAT course, Spring/ Fall
Location: Smith Street Workshop

Danica Y.

Mar 30, 2020


enthusiastic, engaging teacher!

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