Zen Calligraphy and Abstract Expression

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Richmond Art Center (



1:00pm - 3:00pm PST
Feb 4, 2021 - Mar 25, 2021
Ages 16 - 18+ yrs 
Fumiyo Yoshikawa
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Let's gain the freedom of brush strokes that give excitement to art work. Continuous practice of Oriental brush painting makes us aware of our world and allows us to capture the spirit of the subject. Course covers basic elements including calligraphy and discipline essential to the practice of Sumi-e. Lectures, demonstrations, individual help given at each class. Sumi-e is the unique form of Asian art that has produced some of the world’s finest masterpieces of ink painting. Originating in China and having its spiritual basis in Zen Buddhism, this form of expressing nature’s colors through shades of black ink with or without colors, has been popular in East Asia for many centuries and now practiced all over the world.

1. Introduction: History of Sumie, Use of Materials, Basic Strokes, Calligraphy
2. Bamboo
3. Cow
4. Wild Medical Plants1
5. Wild Medical Plants2
6. Line study form Classical Master’s Piece
7. A God from 7 Lucky Gods
8. Review and about finishing your sumi-e for display

1. Paper for sumi-e and calligraphy /rice paper, gasenshi (Gasen paper), hosho paper, Xuan paper/ newsprint can be a substitute
2. Some shikishi boards (about 10x9) to complete some sumi-e
3. a Porcelain Flower Palette (6inch recommended) or 2or 3 white plane porcelain plates (3or 4-inch diameter)
4. Black or White felt (about 30”x40”) to put under the paper / old blanket without much texture can be a substitute
5. Sumi-stick and suzuri (ink stone) and or sumi liquid ink (get a decent quality one)
6. a Large size bamboo brush (about 2-inch hair and a half inch diameter/ Choryu brush is recommended) and more if possible, in different sizes. Menso brush is also useful for small detail
7. a Paper weight (a rock can be used)
8. 2 Water bowls (one for cleaning the brush and one for clean water to dilute ink)
9. kitchen paper towel
10. Gansai colors or watercolors 12colors or more (Not need for the first class)

Online shops for the materials :
Jerry’s Artarama
Awesome Arts Supply
Blick Art
Hirao Bunmeido
(Sumi-e and Calligraphy Supply Shop in Japan that takes PayPal and US credit cards. Although it takes 2 weeks normally, it may take more due to COVID-19.)


Experience Level: All Levels


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Jan 26, 2021


Love the concept of this class. Ned's instruction/guide is really helpful.

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I love that Rebecca explained things clearly and that she gives sincere feedback.

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The instructor!! I loved Rebeca. She was organized and inspiring. I plan on taking more of her classes. I highly recommend her.

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Judith D.

Jan 19, 2021


I always learn a lot in Rebeca's classes. She is always prepared and does not waste a minute! I can tell she has spent a good deal of time preparing the agenda and lesson and gathering references for us to explore outside of class. The atmosphere of the class is supportive and encouraging. Plus Rebeca has a wonderfully sly sense of humor!


Cannot think of a thing!

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I only purchased the vessel ... this was not a class.

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