Virtual Private Spanish Class

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Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion (



11:00am - 11:45am EST
Jan 9, 2021 - Mar 13, 2021
Ages 2 - 12 yrs 
Online via Zoom
Photo for Virtual Private Spanish Class (Language) by Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion
Photo for Virtual Private Spanish Class (Language) by Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion
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>>>>> One-on-one Spanish Immersion (2 - 6 years)
Think about how your child has learned English. Has it been through classes on how to speak? If English is her native language, then of course not! She learns through you and others speaking to her, interacting with her, playing with her, and explaining things to her. In 1:1 immersion, your child will learn her second language the very same way. We’ll use the same methods of play-based learning and interactive games, stories, songs and activities that we use in our immersion playclasses, with even more focused attention on your child.

>>>> Private Spanish Classes for Kids (6 - 13 years)
In our private spanish classes, elementary aged students learn with one-on-one instruction and attention. We tailor these classes to the level and needs of the student using interactive games, stories, and conversation practice coupled with music, movement, and exciting visuals. Because this age group learns differently than the very young learners, these classes are as immersive as they can be, but English is used when needed to explain certain things, acting as a bridge between the students native language and the target language (Spanish). We focus on conversation and real world usage and our methods are anything but dry!

>>>>>> We recommend virtual sessions to be 45 minutes for optimal engagement, and many parents like to schedule two sessions a week to increase input frequency and keep up momentum. When booking, you must book between 4 - 8 sessions at a time.

>>>>>> You can arrange private instruction for siblings (within the same general age range) to do together, or can even schedule it as a charter class for friend groups.


This class is conducted via Zoom. If you're not familiar with the platform, be sure to download the app and play around with it before class starts. We'll let you know of any specific materials or supplies needed for this class!

Online via Zoom

Reviews for Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion

4.9 out of 5

Based on 28 provider ratings


Apr 22, 2021


Instructor is very inclusive with all students and her energy is amazing!


Nothing, everything is great the way it is

Virtual Spanish Immersion Playclass - Mommy & Me II
Location: Online via Zoom | Instructor: Kaila Diaz

Drena G.

Apr 22, 2021


I love that Kayla calls in the kids anytime they have their hand raised. I appreciate that she pays attention to the children and allows them to be heard! I also really appreciate her crafts for each class. They are very age appropriate, open-ended and engaging. And we enjoy the links she sends out after the class is over. It’s fun to go back and watch videos or listen to songs we heard in class.


I think it’s pretty great as is! Oh! Someone told me that their child’s pre-school class records the classes and then send the video out to watch later. I think my daughter would enjoy that feature too.

Virtual Spanish Immersion Huddle Playclass - Advanced Speakers (3 - 6 years)
Location: Online via Zoom | Instructor: Kaila Diaz

Ingrid O.

Jan 13, 2021



FROZEN-themed Winter Camp for Preschool & Pre-K
Location: Online via Zoom | Instructor: Kaila Diaz

Erica L.

Jan 6, 2021


I liked the hello song - it was very sweet and a nice personal touch for the instructor sing all the children's names in the beginning.

Hora de Cuentos y Música (Bilingual Storytime w/ music)
Location: Online via Zoom | Instructor: Kaila Diaz

Stacey R.

Dec 23, 2020


This class was a great opportunity for my daughter to become more comfortable conversing in Spanish. She was able to relate to the class topics and enjoyed sharing about herself. She particularly enjoyed that most classes included a show and tell portion. It was a relaxed environment w/great moderating!

“Bocaditos con Amigos” A Snacktime Spanish Conversation Club for advanced & fluent speakers (4 - 7 yrs)
Location: Online via Zoom | Instructor: Brycee Loyola
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