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Young Gates

Mon, Wed, 9:30am - 10:00am EST
Feb 1, 2021 - Jun 2, 2021
Ages 4 - 10 yrs 
Photo for ONLINE FOOTBALL & FITNESS PLAY FUN (Basketball) by Young Gates
Photo for ONLINE FOOTBALL & FITNESS PLAY FUN (Basketball) by Young Gates
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Learn football and stay fit right inside the safety of your home.
Its an interactive platform for children to develop football specific skills and to keep them fit and active.
Its a live interactive session

Our sessions focus on
* learning football basics
* Improving ball control
*Improving motor skills and reaction time.
* Learning football freestyle tricks
*Improving endurance
*Building body strength
*Body balance and flexibility

What makes us different
Our whole session is prepared on fun theme basis. Our session consists of many games.Our in-house, age specific curriculum developed based on experience specially for kids.l,
Focusing primarily on the player’s overall development as a complete football player with good sporting spirit and develop a positive approach towards the game of football.

Our focus is on Individual development. We strive to bring about permanent change in the individual’s technical, physical, psychological and tactical behaviour. This is achieved through a variety of individual technical drills.

Teaching the fundamental techniques of the game and showing players how to master these into skills. Tailor-made for junior players with a fun and friendly atmosphere, the focus is on developing motor skills while increasing the mastery over the ball.


Nice to have an open space for Fitness activities , remove glass or fragile material from around the space where student will learn,
sport shoes , a water bottle and towel .
An ice pack at home will be good to have for unexpected situations of getting hurt.


Reviews for Young Gates

Constance W.

Jan 7, 2021


Laz loved his time in this class. Very proud of his penquin.

PreSchool - 3 - 5 yrs
Location: Online

Shawna B.

Jan 4, 2021


Loved the energy & patience & diversity of the teachers and students

PreSchool - 4. yr- 6 yrs
Location: Online

Patrick A.

Aug 25, 2020


My son said he's learning something.


no interaction(he didn't even get to see the teacher, a lot of background noise,no time to loosen up, not a very good experience so far,can we switch to another teacher please?

Java Coding
Location: Online
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