Book Club for Beginner Readers (Diversity & Inclusion)

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Let's Create! Learning

1:00pm - 1:35pm EST
Mar 6, 2021 - Mar 27, 2021
Ages 4 - 8 yrs 
Photo for  Book Club for Beginner Readers (Diversity & Inclusion) (Academic) by Let's Create! Learning
Photo for  Book Club for Beginner Readers (Diversity & Inclusion) (Academic) by Let's Create! Learning
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Reading is a fundamental skill that with practice gets better through out. At Let's Create! we understand how super important developing this skill is. Ms. Kritza, the owner of Let's Create and also Teacher knows the difficulty that come with reading and comprehension as a dyslexic herself. This class is meant to teach different genres, phonetic awareness, improve and develop listening and reading skills and most importantly develop a love for reading!

We will also be doing small activities that will require simple supplies such as; pencils, crayons, markers, paper, play dough, etc.

Book is not require as we will have Kindle version of our books but for a better experience hardcover/paperback books are recommended.

Books we will cover

1. Hair Love by Mathew Cherry & Vashti Harrison
2. Carla’s Sandwich by Debbie Herman and Sheila Bailey
3. I Am Enough by Grace Byers
4. Have you filled a bucket today? By Carol McCloud

If any questions email us:


When to arrive: 5 minutes before
Additional details: Please come prepared to class.

Drop-ins are always welcomed!
Semesters/Drop-in will get emails once booked.
Caregiver required: No


Reviews for Let's Create! Learning

Nirvana B.

Mar 9, 2021


Class ages should be adjusted up to 8 yrs old. The book read and activity was not for anything older. 8 years old is even cutting it too close.

International Woman's Day Book Club!
Location: Zoom

Response from Let's Create! Learning

Thank you so much for your feedback! This was a class with such a huge audience we had to have a simple book where all students would understand the context. All our book Clubs are personalized to your child's reading level and we pair you off with similar level readers. This ensures that our readers have the challenge they need. We will keep this in mind for our next trial class! Thank you !

zinnia S.

Jan 12, 2021


She’s really nice and personally I love muffins :)


Nothing really

Cooking with Ms. Connie
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Response from Let's Create! Learning

Thank you so much! We are so happy that you have enjoyed our class! Hope to see you back again soon!!! 🥰

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Mar 6, 2021 - Mar 27, 2021
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