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6 - 11 yrs


Sat, Apr 10, 2021 - May 1, 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT


Alex B.


3 students

Class Experience

Award-winning STEAM programs are for K-6 grade students. Students will learn the engineering design process and do age-appropriate, innovative, hands-on activities, and integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.
STEAM Activities will expose students to the creative process, offer collaboration, increase critical thinking, and provide a unique way to problem solve. Participants will be challenged to question, explore, plan, discover, and analyze.
Students will do the following activities:
***DNA Extraction
***Prosthetic Hand
The materials list will be sent as soon as you register.


Activities and Materials List - May
Ripe strawberries (a little overripe is even better!) If you use frozen, make sure they are completely thawed.
Sealable plastic bag (thicker freezer bags are best)
Dish soap (we used a clear one so the color did not affect our visuals, but any will work)
Salt (table salt – NaCl)
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol will work too)
Coffee filter or paper towel
Clear cups or test tubes
Tweezers or a chopstick will work
Syringe, measuring cups, measuring spoons (whatever you have on hand will work!)
Paper towels (for clean up)

Modeling clay. The clay can be reusable, air-dry, or oven-dry.
10 Drinking straws
10 Small rubber bands
10 Paper clips
1 Needle
3 Cardboard tube
Assorted objects to grasp

May 22th- COMPASS
Sewing Needle
Magnets (the stronger the better)
Cork (other items to keep your needle afloat)
A medium to large-sized bowl

May 29th- FOUNTAIN
Hot glue
Permanent marker
3 plastic water bottle
Water bottle caps ( all three caps might have two holes drilled in the same location)
6 thin plastic straws or coffee stirrers
500 ml Water

How To Participate

Attend class via Zoom video

This class will be hosted on Zoom video conferencing platform. You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions. We recommend you make sure your device is up to date and meets all system requirements before class.


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Jo C.

Apr 17, 2021


“It was very interesting to learn about how a thermometer works and make our own one with alcohol. I will show how it works to my classmates and friends.”


Provide material list as soon as register and including it in the note along the acess Instruction on the sync calendar.

Location: ONLINE _ ZOOM | Instructor: Alex Bienkowski

Jo C.

Mar 6, 2021


Informative and sharing fun, great project for learning and understanding


Did not receive material list via email prior to the class date nor after registration. Did not receive weekly spots refill per membership. (Need manually to follow up with the provider and Sawyer continually.......and Sawyer takes too long still revolving the issue)

Location: ONLINE _ ZOOM | Instructor: Alex Bienkowski

Reviews for Colorado S.T.E.A.M. Academy

4.5 out of 5

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Jo C.

Apr 2, 2021


“I like how I can work with people and make funny and poetic scenarios in writing. “

Location: ONLINE _ ZOOM | Instructor: Ozlem Idil

Jo C.

Mar 27, 2021


My daughter learned more ways to draw (3d ish drawings) and she says it’s fun!

Drawing Disney Characters
Location: ONLINE _ ZOOM | Instructor: Neda Celik

Jo C.

Mar 27, 2021


My daughter liked that we could uncover mysteries, and that she could do that with friends

Location: ONLINE _ ZOOM | Instructor: Ozlem Idil

About Colorado S.T.E.A.M. Academy

Award-Winning STEAM Academy Learning Center was founded in 2015 with the mission to create a unique environment where every student is engaged, challenged, and empowered to do their very best.

To realize its mission, Steam Academy offers academic & enrichment courses throughout the year in private and small groups.

Academic courses at STEAM Academy are carefully aligned with state standards. Our offerings include but are not limited to Math for all grade levels, Reading, Writing, Science, AP courses, SAT/ACT Prep Courses.

We believe in optimizing learning and making the best use of time. Therefore, each student at STEAM Academy is required to take a diagnostic test, which allows us to prepare an individualized learning path for each student.

Alongside our academic course offerings, a variety of enrichment courses are also available for students as afterschool virtual classes such as graphics design, coding, photography, public speaking, edible arts, STEM, hands-on science, drawing Disney Characters, forensic science, creative writing, and more.

The curriculum for our enrichment courses is specially designed by our professional educators to be engaging and interactive. Each course includes leadership and team-building activities. Our goal is for each student to learn, explore, and have fun!

Our highly qualified and experienced educators at STEAM Academy are committed to providing students the support and guidance they need to do their best. They are passionate about individualized teaching and offer a whole-child approach to help students overcome challenges and excel in their learning. One of our priorities at STEAM Academy is effective communication between teachers and their students and parents.

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