Engineering Challenge (Summer Camp)

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7 - 10 yrs


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Aug 2, 2021 - Aug 6, 2021


2:00pm - 3:00pm PDT


7 students

Class Experience

Does your child enjoy science, building, and competition? This camp is perfect for students who love creative challenges using a variety of materials and strategies. Learny School’s Engineering Camp is a weeklong virtual camp centered around building challenges that showcase essential science concepts, problem-solving, and the engineering process. Each day we will learn strategies and ideas related to our challenge of the day. Students will have an opportunity to showcase their creativity and learn from each other as they work through their building challenges.

Monday: Tallest Spaghetti Tower Challenge - Endless Pastabilitites

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world at 2,722 ft. Since the building is so tall, you can watch the sunset from the base of the Burj Khalifa, shoot up to the roof on the elevator, and watch the sunset all over again. Do you think you could create the Burj Khalifa of spaghetti towers? Can you reach the sky with your spaghetti and marshmallow tower design? Creating a tower mixes architecture with physics. We will explore the role of gravity, weight, and stability in creating a stable structure. In this class, students will experiment with how force affects specific shapes, the importance of a strong foundation, how to reinforcing with cross braces, and buttresses. Students will discover the engineering process and how engineers plan, create, test, and redesign until they get their desired result while making their tallest tower.

- 1 packet of uncooked spaghetti
- 2 x large packets of marshmallows, not the jumbo size

Tuesday: Basketball Challenge - Best Swishes

When a basketball player jumps in the air to make a shot, he can appear to be suspended in mid-air during the high point of the jump. Many things are harmonizing for the player to shoot the ball into the hoop. For the basketball challenge, your student will create a goal and shooting device. Students will be introduced to projectile motion, catapults, and working with two devices. Creating a machine to shoot a ball is easy enough, but making the ball land in a goal is quite challenging. We will see who can score the most goals. Students will have a blast trying to create the perfect device using physics and creativity.

- 10 - 20 craft sticks
- masking tape
- 10 rubber bands
- Soda bottle lid or small plastic cup
- Light plastic ball, pom-pom, light bouncy ball, or play-doh to roll into a
- 2-3 3x5 note cards
- Small piece of cardboard
- 2-3 pipe cleaners

Wednesday: Da Vinci Bridge Challenge - A Bridge to Fun

Did you know it is possible to create a solid bridge using no screws or nails? You can do this with the Da Vinci bridge! Students will create a Da Vinci bridge using pencils and rubber bands. The Da Vinci bridge is a self-sustaining structure built with only logs or pieces of wood. In this lesson, students will explore how force transfers throughout the bridge beams as weight is applied. They will be amazed at how easy and robust the bridge can be. Students test what happens with fewer or more materials to see which structure produces the most strength.

- 20 or more pencils of the same size (unsharpened)
- 40 or more small rubber bands

Thursday: Marble Trampoline Challenge - Gotta Bounce

Who doesn't love bouncing on a trampoline? In this challenge, your student will create trampolines for marbles. Students will make a straight marble run that leads to a trampoline. Their challenge will be to bounce the marble into a bucket. Once they master the first challenge, they will experiment using more trampolines. We will try to get the marble to jump on at least two different trampolines before landing into a bucket. Trampolines are the perfect tool for teaching the laws of motion. Trampolines get their bounce in the way that Hooke's law interacts with Newton's third law of motion. Students will learn how to harness the marble's kinetic energy and momentum and use the marble's motion to direct their marbles.

- Short marble track, card stock, or pvc pipe (at least ¾ inch)
- Marble
- Bucket or bowl
- Small plastic cups
- 5-10 Balloons (12 inch)
- Scissors

Friday: Balloon Powered Car Challenge - Need For Speed

Everyone has a need for speed. Have you ever wished you could race a car? Well, we have the perfect challenge for you, balloon-powered cars. Sure, it’s the same! With our last challenge of the week, we will fulfill your need for speed by creating and racing balloon-propelled cars. This activity combines many physics concepts in a fun and interactive way. There will be two challenges, whose car can go the furthest and whose car can go the fastest. Unofficially, the farthest distance by a balloon powered car was 109 feet and the fastest speed 10 feet per second. Students will have a blast as they learn about Newton's laws of motion, energy transformation, aerodynamics, speed, and more while putting their problem-solving skills to the test.

- 1 plastic water bottle or soda bottle
- 4 to 6 Plastic lids from water bottles or soda bottles
- 4 - 6 wooden or bamboo skewers (6 inch)
- 2-4 Balloons (12 inch)
- 2 - 3 Plastic straws
- Glue
- Tape
- Tape measure
- Timer

How To Participate

Attend class via Zoom video

This class will be hosted on Zoom video conferencing platform. You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions. We recommend you make sure your device is up to date and meets all system requirements before class.

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