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7 - 18+ yrs


Fri, Jun 11, 2021 - Sep 3, 2021


6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT


4 students

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Courses in this level are designed for learners 7 and above. The emphasis is on establishing a solid foundation and interest in the language. Lessons draw on themes relating to daily lives, and engaging activities develop the learners’ ability in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Learners are encouraged to experience, understand, apply, and imagine in the target language.

本阶段课程主要针对7岁以上孩子设计开发, 教学重点着力中文基本功训练,掌握有效中文学习方法。围绕日常生活主题,发展听说读写能力,锻炼用中文观察、理解、应用的能力。

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Classes will be held in iCanMandarin Online Classrooms on Zoom platform.
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May 7, 2021


I like the exposure my daughter receives to a second language. I love that there’s English and then Chinese translation.


I wish the instructor would mute the children during Storytime. There was one child that kept interrupting. We are paying to hear the teacher, not the student. Other virtual classes I have attended would mute the students and then unmute them when it’s time to speak.

Bilingual Story Time with the Author
Location: Online

Rui P.

Jan 8, 2021


Read several storybooks of the same topic, like the "vehicles". Let the students draw pictures while listening to the two teachers reading the stories in English and Mandarin sentence by sentence.


Too many youtube cartoon songs. I don't think using the class time to watch youtube videos is a good education. They watched a lot at home already. Little teaching about the meaning and writing method. Only shows the character with pinyin on the board doesn't help my 3 years old learn how to write Chinese characters. It's better to make kiddos understand why the characters look like this. How to write them stroke by stroke. Otherwise, it means nothing. And hope the teachers could mute kidswhile

Bilingual Story Time with the Author
Location: Online | Instructor: Yixuan Wang

Response from iCanMandarin

Thank you for your feedback, there is always room for us to improve. iCanMandarin offers more than a dozen courses for different ages and different objectives, and story time is just one of them. I will revise the story time description to make the objectives more clear. Our language classes may be a better fit for you, please take a look:

Marcia W.

Dec 8, 2020


This class was so enjoyable and I'm not sure who had more fun - me or my child! Elsa was so patient with the children but also great at moving the class along. I was also so impressed by the book she read (and authored!) and really liked the guest instructor and diversity in activities. The class, despite it being virtual, was still personal and engaging. I definitely signed up for extra sessions.


Maybe the Chinese translations could be a little slower, but I don't speak Mandarin and that might be a biased opinion.

Bilingual Story Time with the Author
Location: Online

Shilpa N.

Jun 17, 2020


The story


Read little slower

FREE Bilingual Story Time with the Author
Location: Online | Instructor: Jinnan Guo

Cece S.

Jun 16, 2020


My daughter loves it, even though she is only two years old. Teacher Sara and Elsie are so friendly and full of love. My daughter learns a ton from both of them. The content of the book , the songs and the activities are amazing.

FREE Bilingual Story Time with the Author
Location: Online | Instructor: Sara Zhang

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iCanMandarin mission is to provide an innovative and engaging Mandarin learning experience for all students. Every student with iCanMandarin will experience how it feels to use Chinese from day one. We nurture a habit of confidence that will propel students to be lifelong learners of the language and everything else.