Virtual 3-Week Childbirth Class


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Thu, Oct 7, 2021 - Oct 21, 2021

3 classes

6:30pm - 9:30pm CDT


Sue G.


6 students

Class Experience

We help pregnant moms and Partners feel confident so they can be at the center of their birth experience, able to advocate for themselves and their baby.

In The Power of Birth, we help prepare pregnant mothers and their partners for childbirth. Through deep examination of how a woman’s body prepares for, labors and gives birth, you will discover the amazing changes that will take place and how trust in your body is paramount. Moms leave class feeling confident in her ability to birth her baby.

Couples are supported during class by looking at their fears, worries, and ideas about pregnancy, birth and becoming parents. These are discussed, embraced, and addressed together and as individuals. Through presenting only the most current, evidence based information about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, we feel confident that you leave class able to speak up, ask questions, and make informed decisions for yourself and your baby. We assist parents in examining the kind of birth you want, the many options that are available to you, and the importance of flexibility.

Our classes draw from many different birth philosophies: Informed Beginnings, BirthWorks, Lamaze, and Bradley.

Please check out our Breastfeeding and Parenting Workshops which compliment this 3-week series. You can add either or both workshops when registering for this class. (only $100 additional when registering for CBE and both workshops; registration for the Breastfeeding workshop along with the Childbirth workshop includes a complimentary in-home lactation visit)

Led by Rebecca Nguyen, Certified Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator trained in Informed Beginnings, M.Ed.
or Sue Gottschall, Certified Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator trained in BirthWorks, M.Ed.


Zoom link will be sent via email a few weeks prior to the start of class.

How To Participate

You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions.

Reviews for Chicago Family Picnic

4.0 out of 5

Based on 5 provider ratings

Adrienne R.

Sep 21, 2021


Very informative! The instructor clearly knows what she's talking about and her sense of humor was great.


It would be helpful to have print-outs to take notes on and more visuals to assist visual learners.

Weekend Intensive Power of Birth Childbirth Class
Location: Picnic: A Gathering Spot for Families | Instructor: Becca Grimwade

Alison K.

Aug 17, 2021


Absolutely nothing. It was a waste of time and money. Unorganized from start to finish.


Get your scheduling and course description straight. This was marketed as a 7-9 class, which the instructor then changed to start at 6:30, and then the facilitator asked open-ended questions that felt more like a group therapy session than actual helpful facts for preparing for a baby.

Becoming New Parents and Caring for your Baby
Location: Picnic: A Gathering Spot for Families | Instructor: Sue Gottschall

Kelsey S.

Oct 4, 2020


Listening to all the moms talk. It's nice to hear you are not alone and that being a new mom is hard!! It was good to hear everyone's different ideas and products they use.


I think for having a very young newborn it would have been nice to have other moms with the same age baby too. It was hard for me to truly relate with everyone's babies being a few months older. I felt like I was so many steps behind everyone.

Mom & Baby Group: 5 Week Series
Location: Picnic: A Gathering Spot for Families | Instructor: Sue Gottschall

Jennifer S.

Oct 25, 2019


Love having the space to dive deeper into my new identity as a mother and feel supported by others going through the same experience.


I have heard other women in the group talking about other events (i.e. Chicago baby wearing group, postpartum yoga) they attend that are hosted in the picnic space. Consider posting weekly events on website (could not located these events there) that are lead by outside instructors/groups and or announcing upcoming events each week at mom-baby group. (There is a good chance I may be just missing where this information is posted or shared, food for thought to continue to promote opportunities)

Mom & Baby Group: 5 Week Series
Location: Picnic: A Gathering Spot for Families | Instructor: Rebecca Nguyen

About Chicago Family Picnic

Picnic offers a comprehensive Childbirth Class, breastfeeding support, and doulas for expectant parents. We then offer high quality groups for new moms, infants and toddlers. Lastly we offer workshops that are pertinent to parents with young children. Ideally, families come to us for prenatal education and then return to us with their infants and then toddlers.