Backyard Birds of the East Bay in Colored Pencil


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Tue, Oct 5, 2021 - Nov 9, 2021


10:00am - 12:00pm PDT


Jennifer L.


8 students

Class Experience

The Bay Area is home to hundreds of beautiful bird species and many of them can be seen visiting your very own backyard. What better way to capture the moment than to learn how to draw a few of them using colored pencil! Let’s draw an American Pelican, Bufflehead Duck, Double Crested Cormorant, Snowy Egret, Canada Goose, and Black Crowned Night Heron. 


Experience Level: All Levels

**This Class is In-person at the Richmond Art Center**

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What To Bring

Suggested Materials: 

- Colored Pencils (I use Prismacolor Premier brand, wax based) 36 ct. soft core set is a great starter kit 

- Colorless blender (Prismacolor brand) 

- Graphite pencils (I use Staedtler brand Mars Lumograph) 2H for initial sketch 

- Drafter’s brush or paintbrush with stiff bristles to wipe away pencil “crumbs” 

- Pencil sharpener with rotating center core to sharpen colored pencils (not electric)! 

- Magnifying glass (preferably frameless) 

- Stylus or embossing pen for making “impressed lines” to add texture 

- Divider (measuring tool) 

- Eraser: Mono Zero click eraser ultra fine 

- PAPER: Strathmore Bristol brand vellum surface 100 lb, 9x12” 

- Canson brand Vellum tracing paper 9x12”, 55 lb

Reviews for Backyard Birds of the East Bay in Colored Pencil

5.0 out of 5

Based on 3 activity ratings

Pat G.

Oct 28, 2021


This was my second drawing class with Jennifer Linderman at RAC, but my first in-person one. She is absolutely excellent at what she does, and revived my confidence, skills, and love of art!!!


All art classes should be in-person from now on compared to on Zoom. There’s just no denying the benefit of being right there to see, touch, learn about the products, tips and tricks of the trade, and be with people. comparison in

Backyard Birds of the East Bay in Colored Pencil
Location: In-Person | Instructor: Jennifer Linderman

Juliet T.

Oct 27, 2021


I loved having class back in person!


Can’t think of anything

Backyard Birds of the East Bay in Colored Pencil
Location: In-Person | Instructor: Jennifer Linderman

Gillian B.

Oct 26, 2021


Jennifer is a wonderful and talented teacher. She provides a relaxed and detailed class. She is really cool and is responsive to individual interests and needs. I am really enjoying having an in person class!!


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Backyard Birds of the East Bay in Colored Pencil
Location: In-Person | Instructor: Jennifer Linderman

Reviews for Richmond Art Center

4.8 out of 5

Based on 241 provider ratings

Caitlin T.

Nov 24, 2021


It felt like we learned all the steps to make something cool on our own. I'm super excited about it. I was impressed with how much she was able to get in.


I think there was a handout that was sent out through the Sawyer system that I didn't get initially I think because I must have signed up after the message went out. The teacher was able to send it over after the class though.

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Cecilia O.

Nov 21, 2021


I enjoyed meeting in person. The instructor provided basis information about water colors that covered a range of topics. Particularly helpful were the resources provided on-line after each class.


I think the class could have been more creative in terms of what we worked on and a syllabus or an outline of what each class would be about would have been helpful.

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