Enrichment Gaming Program FALL 2021

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8 - 18+ yrs


Wed, Sep 8, 2021 - Dec 1, 2021

1 class remaining

5:30pm - 7:30pm PDT


Annamyriah D.


5 students

Class Experience

Each session listed is for a specific time with a specific Educator-Gamemaster; please refer to each listing and ensure you register for your desired EGP time slot and Educator-Gamemaster, thanks!

Games meet weekly at their designated times throughout the term for a minimum of 10 sessions.

--Enrichment Gaming Program--
The Game Academy’s EGP sessions involve collaborative storytelling using tabletop roleplaying games wherein participants take on new identities and social roles as they play characters and surmount challenges alongside the group. Participation in these games fosters and supports social-emotional growth and the development of creativity, hones critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, and provides exposure to broad areas of knowledge through immersion in the detailed world of the story.
Students are engaged through collaborative storytelling which may involve physical or tactical situations to be overcome, puzzles to be solved, or social role-play engagements which provide an opportunity for the social and emotional development of participants. The setting and narrative are both fun and engaging, while simultaneously presenting multiple avenues and content for academic engagement.
Enrolling in EGP gives students the weekly experience of playing a hero as part of an ensemble team—each hero has specialties valued and respected by their peers, and all are necessary to succeed in the game. Participating students will learn transferable strategies to understand, engage, and transcend real-life issues through the safe and contained context of the game with a group of peers every week.


Participants will need access to a laptop, desktop or tablet computer and a high-speed internet connection. Participants will need a microphone for use with Discord, and a video camera is a nice addition. Most laptops and tablet computers come equipped with all that you need. We find that a set of headphones might also be nice to isolate the sounds coming from the computer, but are not necessary.

*SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE—contact us for info on special need-based rates and possible scholarships!

Other Things To Know

Holiday Schedule
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Covid-19 Precautions

Due to Covid-19, The Game Academy will be running all of its sessions online until such time as it is deemed safe to gather. We will be following the CDC and other medical guidelines.

How To Participate

You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions.

Reviews for Enrichment Gaming Program FALL 2021

Brick C.

Oct 27, 2021


Our son is always engaged during class and leaves every gaming session eager to share stories about his adventuring crew's escapades.

Enrichment Gaming Program
Location: ONLINE | Instructor: Bert Holcomb

Reviews for The Game Academy

4.5 out of 5

Based on 13 provider ratings

Debbie L.

Jul 23, 2021


My son very much enjoys the campaigns.


The online format is less engaging - my son does other stuff on screens in between turns. The fact that the dates of the class are not always set (sometimes sessions are canceled with very short notice) is frustrating, especially given the expense.

Ongoing RPGs with Existing Game Group (YOUTH)
Location: ONLINE | Instructor: Mitchell Englander, Sean Borelli

Mica S.

Feb 2, 2021


This is for Mateo’s D&D sessions with Bert. He is a highly skilled facilitator and works so well with Mateo and the other players! We are grateful to have Mateo enrolled :)

D&D 5e - Adventures in Faerun (YOUTH)
Location: ONLINE | Instructor: Bert Holcomb

martha a.

Oct 29, 2020


Game Academy continues to evolve and provide an excellent service to many avid RPG players. GM's are kind, fun and engaging.

Ongoing RPGs with Existing Game Group (YOUTH)
Location: ONLINE | Instructor: Gary Pepper II

Brick C.

Oct 22, 2020


My son eagerly anticipates his weekly gaming session and leaves each one excited and eager to tell his whole family about his gaming adventures, misadventures, challenges, and achievements. The Game Academy's people and offerings are consistently awesome. We love them.

D&D 5e - Storm King's Thunder (YOUTH)
Location: ONLINE | Instructor: Bert Holcomb

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Annamyriah D.

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The Game Academy creates and supports game-based education that empowers life-long learners to achieve academic, social, emotional and personal success.

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