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6 - 18+ yrs


Tue, Sep 21, 2021 - Jun 14, 2022

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9:30am - 7:30pm PDT


Jennifer K.


100 students

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Please fill out Step 1 of Registration to let us know about your availability and preferences for lessons. Your Registration Fee ($25) & Student Bank ($40) are due upon checkout in Step 1. Note - Registration for lessons will not be complete until Step 2 has been filled out as well. Please note there are NO REFUNDS for the registration fee & student bank payment made in Step 1. If you have any questions about your preferred lesson time, please email us at before completing Step 1 of Registration.

Please read on to view tuition information and FAQs:

  • When you submit your inquiry please choose the date you wish to begin lessons. *If you have a Coupon Code you will enter it upon checkout, after finalizing your time slot.*
  • Once we have received your inquiry we will respond via email within 1-2 business days to secure a time slot for your lessons.
  • After your time slot is finalized you will complete Registration Step 2.


  • Q: What are the tuitions/fees for Private/Semi-Private Lessons?
  • A: Here is the pricing breakdown for various options:

ANNUAL FEES (Step 1) - $25 Registration Fee (per family)  - $40 Student Bank (per student)

TUITION (Step 2) - Private Lessons: $125/mo per student/per discipline -

Semi-Private Lessons: $93/mo per student/per discipline

- 45-minute Lessons: $185/mo (Private); $138/mo (Semi-Private)

- Double Lesson of one hour: $225/mo (Private); $183/mo (Semi-Private)

  • Q: Can I/my student take both Acting and Voice during one lesson slot?
  • A: Acting and Voice are currently scheduled as separate discipline time slots as this allows for more focused, higher quality training. Voice lessons do touch upon a bit of acting training as part of the curriculum, but do not delve deeply. If you have a student who is very interested in strengthening skills as both an actor and a singer we highly recommend booking separate lessons for Acting and Voice.
  • Q: Do I need to find my own lesson partner if I am interested in Semi-Private Lessons?
  • A: Yes. If you wish to enroll in Semi-Private Lessons you must find your own lesson partner, who must then be registered separately before lessons may begin.
  • Q: Is there currently an option for in-person lessons?
  • A: Students who are fully vaccinated are able to register for in person lessons if desired (as of September 2021). Depending on development of the delta variant of the COVID virus we may move online for portions of the year.
  • Q: What is the "Student Bank" Fee that is required?
  • A: The Student Bank is what allows us to supply your performer with the necessary curriculum for lessons. All KPA Private/Semi-Private students receive a student binder, sheet music, music tracks, acting scripts, worksheets, workbooks, and various other curriculum items. The Student Bank is convenient as it allows us to fully provide what your student will need without putting the pressure on families to purchase each individual item along the way!


Please add to your approved emails so you may receive our inquiry follow up.

What you'll learn

  • Voice Lessons:
  • Vocal technique
  • Knowledge to aid in maintaining vocal health
  • Level-appropriate solfege, sight singing, ear training skills
  • A variety of music genres
  • Repertoire building
  • Confidence as a performer
  • Personal character growth in the form of commitment, discipline, and perseverence

Acting Lessons:

  • Script & character analysis
  • Skills to aid in maintaining physical & vocal health
  • Journaling to deepen growth as an actor
  • Auditioning skills
  • Monologue repertoire exploration & building
  • Confidence as a performer
  • Personal character growth in the form of commitment, discipline, and perseverence

Sample Class Format

A standard private/semi-private lesson is 30 minutes long, with lessons held once a week during a set day/time slot. Each week we will warm up and work on technique for half of the lesson. The second half of our time together will be spent focusing on applying these techniques to performance through the vehicle of songs (vocal lessons) or acting journals and monologues (acting lessons). The goal is for each student to grow in knowledge, technique, and confidence as person and as a performer! Our hard work will culminate in a performance at our year-end recital.

  • If desired, a student may request an extended lesson time of 45 minutes, or a double lesson of one hour.

Other Things To Know

Holiday Schedule
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How To Participate

You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions.

What To Bring

  • Students should be responsible to bring their binders and a water bottle to each lesson.
  • Each student will receive a KPA binder including a practice book, school calendar, and space for music and other notes or worksheets. The instructor will provide sheet music, music tracks, acting journals, and acting scripts.

Reviews for Kettleworks Performing Arts

Richard N.

Jun 21, 2021


The Kids did a great job! I was impressed by the production! Each production is improved! Both by the actors and the producers! Well done!



KTP '21 Fundraiser Concert
Location: YouTube

About Kettleworks Performing Arts

Founded in 2017, Kettleworks Performing Arts is a home-based performing arts company in Renton, Washington dedicated to cultivating strong character and work ethic in performers through the vehicle of high quality performing arts education. We would love to help you take your onstage life to the next level, no matter where you are. We offer programs for students ages 6 - adult, beginners through advanced. With each student we strive to embrace your current level and encourage growth based on your personal goals as a performer through introducing tried-and-true, healthy techniques.