Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)


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8 - 11 yrs


Thu, Nov 18, 2021 - Jan 27, 2022


5:00pm - 6:00pm PST


Stephanie S.

Class Experience

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with Python. Gently guides beginners to understanding code. Covers the following topics:
1) Variables and Functions
2) Data Types
3) If/then conditionals
4) Loops - definite vs indefinite
5) Lists
6) Final Project: Building a text-adventure game with Python

Age ranges are approximate. If you are unsure which class would be best for your child, please feel free to reach out to us at and we would be happy to help.


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How To Participate

Attend class via Zoom video

This class will be hosted on Zoom video conferencing platform. You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with a link to the class and access instructions. We recommend you make sure your device is up to date and meets all system requirements before class.

Reviews for Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)

4.7 out of 5

Based on 6 activity ratings

Laura K.

Jan 9, 2022


The class is the right level for CJ. Stephanie is patient and also gives positive reinforcement. She paused when she asks him a question to give him time to process and answer. She engages when he is stuck without giving the answer.


This class is excellent!

Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)
Location: Online US East | Instructor: Stephanie Slayton

Shannon F.

Jul 12, 2021


Instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and great with the content & kids!



Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)
Location: Online US East | Instructor: Mandy Yu

Francesca B.

May 24, 2021


Outstanding experience with the provider/instructor. Recognized need to individualize lessons very early on and demonstrated incredible flexibility to meet our needs. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her classes and she's learning a lot on a rather challenging subject. Communication and feedback with the instructor are also excellent! Highly recommend this school!


We're extremely satisfied with Penguin coding school. Nothing more to ask!

Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)
Location: Online US East | Instructor: Megan Andree

Charles T.

Mar 17, 2021


The instructor is really great. She's so patient and clear in her teaching. Excellent job!


The other child in the class with my son is very noisy, speaking out of turn and frequently over the instructor. There are frequent interruptions and noise making and it makes it difficult to hear the instructor. It would be nice if there could be more frequent use of the mute button when there is just noise making going on in the background. Furthermore, he has found the class pace to be slow. I'm sure you can only be as fast as your slowest student, so not sure what more to say about that.

Python 1 for Elementary School (Beginner)
Location: Online US East | Instructor: Dong Mei Sarafan

Reviews for Penguin Coding School

4.8 out of 5

Based on 330 provider ratings

Maria L.

Jan 25, 2022


I love the coding


I would like more time

Scratch Online FREE TRIAL
Location: Online US East | Instructor: Cheyenne D'cruz

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Penguin Coding School was started in the fall of 2016 by a Massachusetts dad to turn kids onto the joys of coding. We have developed an unique curriculum that emphasizes the joys of creation as the motivation for learning. We believe coding is a lifelong creative endeavor, and a skill that is becoming increasingly necessary to be a productive citizen in the 21st century.LEARN REAL PROGRAMMING (Scratch, HTML, Javascript, Python, Java)- Best of Boston Science and Technology Enrichment Program (Boston Parents Magazine)- GRADES 1-3 Scratch - learn a lot more with a structured class- GRADES 4-6 HTML/Javascript - build web apps and games; learn while having fun- GRADES 5-8 Python - foundation in computer science with world's most popular programming language- GRADES 8-12 Java - prepare for AP Java in high school

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