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Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade

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Robofun Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade

6 - 7 yrs


Wed, Jan 11, 2023 - Mar 29, 2023

2 classes remaining

4:00pm - 5:30pm EST


Byron G.


5 students


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Class Experience

Students will use the beloved and popular Minecraft platform as a gateway to learning about the properties of electricity. In Minecraft, they will design machines that use pistons, levers, buttons, traps, and combination locks. They do this by using the game’s version of circuitry (called “Redstone”) to power buildings with floors, walls, and doors that open and close. Afterward, they move on to wiring electrical projects such as an alarm box that goes off when opened to an LED magical wand. Students learn complex principles of circuitry while having fun. Our STEM Education Difference: Our core educational philosophy centers around an intimate interaction with our students. Because we know that each child learns differently and at their own pace, our 'mentors' assess and monitor your child's skill level; each class they take is matched with their skill and interests. Our curriculum and mentors focus on mastering current skills then challenge each student to get to a higher level. Regardless of which class they take, or how many times they have taken it, our students do not repeat previous projects - they are always challenged and when they are ready they work on a new and interesting assignment.


Please remember that Robofun requires students  to be provided with all utensils, water bottles, snacks and lunch for their snack and lunch times. Also, please provide sunscreen in advance for sunny days when we will go to the park at lunch time.

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Cancellation for onsite Robofun Programs must be made within 2 week of the program date to receive a full refund, less a 7% processing fee. There are no refunds for programs cancelled less than 1 week prior to the start date.

Reviews for Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade

5.0 out of 5

Based on 5 activity ratings

Vera N.

Dec 28, 2022


After Day I, my son shared that doesn't want to attend another camp ever! He thinks Robofun is awesome!


I can comment more at the end of the week. Frankly, my son is having a great time.

Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade
Location: Robofun | Instructor: Aaron

Response from Robofun

Dear Anna, Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate it and are thrilled that Jacob is having such a good time with us this week. Warmly, Laura Hart CEO & Founder

Noemi B.

Dec 21, 2022


My son loved this class. He was so excited to be able to create a rollercoaster and so many things in minecraft.


Prize, wish more affordable.

Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade
Location: Robofun | Instructor: David Sewsankar

Response from Robofun

Dear Noemi, I was able to meet your son last week and see his projects and his incredible enthusiasm. We're happy to have him and to watch him learn and grow! Best, Laura Hart CEO & Founder

Mara F.

May 3, 2022


My kid immediately asked if he could go back. He never says that about anything!

Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade
Location: Robofun | Instructor: David Sewsankar, Mark Cortes

Fred R.

Jan 19, 2022



Minecraft & Circuits for 1st-2nd Grade
Location: Robofun | Instructor: Byron Gallego

Reviews for Robofun

4.8 out of 5

Based on 68 provider ratings

Julie R.

Feb 22, 2023


Building and learning how to code


Making the sessions longer

Spike Robotics for 3rd-6th Grade
Location: Robofun | Instructor: Jane Chudinov

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