Mommy & Me
Park City Gymnastics
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9:15am - 10:05am
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Apr 11, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019
Ages 1 - 3 yrs (adult participation required)
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Park City Gymnastics
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The Mommy & Me Program is designed to get your child moving and guides parents and guardians as they aid their child on their journey of discovery. During this exciting and ever-evolving time in your child’s life, our energetic and enthusiastic instructors will help you and your child develop new skills and abilities. Your child will quickly go from walking to climbing to running and tumbling. The program will help increase your child’s confidence and independence through movement, obstacle courses and music.

Our staff will nurture you and your child, as they teach your child to tumble, tiptoe and tackle new athletic challenges. They will give your child the confidence to perform the skills, while providing you, the guardian, with guidance on how to help or the reassurance that it is time to step back and allow your child to try it independently!

The program will help your child build creativity and social skills by encouraging play with others as they find their own, unique ways to move through our different obstacle course set-ups. No matter what the task is, your little one will know you are there when s/he needs you!

Come and be a part of your child’s development and growth, as you discover the joy of fitness and play hand-in-hand!

There is a small online registration fee included in this price.


• Children must wear socks and clothing with no metal buttons or zippers. Parents must wear socks.

Park City Gymnastics
170-16 39th Ave
Queens, NY 11358
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Apr 11, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019
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• Online Registration Fee ($25)
• Online Registration Fee ($5)
• Sibling Discounts: Second Child (10%), Third Child (10%), Any Additional Child (10%)